Happy Birthday, Prince George!

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One year ago. Remember? Prince George was born July 22, 2013, putting an end to the “great Kate wait.” It’s hard to remember now, but we were all feverishly waiting for the royal baby’s arrival, which was rumored to be July 11. The days dragged on, and on and on. We were anxious for the royal princess (remember, bets were that it was a girl?). I was anxious too, because I was waiting to publish my Kate biography until the royal baby made his/her appearance.

Then, the news came out that George Alexander Louis Mountbatten-Windsor had arrived. The next day, the world got its first look at him.

In October came George’s christening, and another look at the heir. Who did he favor? A bit of both parents, although I think he looks more like Kate.

Then we had to wait months for another glimpse at the royal tot. Just in time for the royal tour of Australia and New Zealand, this adorable photo was released.

I love the way family dog Lupo even made the photo. In fact, Lupo appeared to be capturing George’s total attention.

Then, in April, came the long-awaited royal tour of New Zealand and Australia. We were treated to lots of adorable photos of growing Prince George.

We learned that he played well with others, although he is apparently showing “leadership skills” from an early age.


We learned that he was a master of interesting facial expressions.

And now, he’s walking. Here are the three official photos released in honor of his first birthday.



With the royals, one always has to read between the lines a bit to get an idea of the reality behind the happy-happy gorgeous photos. Judging from what I’ve read about little George, I’d say his parents have had their hands full this year. William has mentioned his son’s great lung capacity, and I’ve read of “weeks and weeks” of non-stop crying during George’s early days. His confident manner and not-always-amused faces indicate to me that William and Kate have a strong-willed little … well, future king on their hands. It will be fun to see how his personality develops and matures over the coming years.

Happy Birthday, little prince!

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  1. What a handsome little fellow! I seem to remember his Dad being pretty strong willed also, and quite impressed with himself, once he knew he’d be King one day. Princess Diana called him Wombat Willie, and shared that he threatened to have a little boy he was unhappy with at preschool beheaded once he became King!

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