Menu Plan Monday

menuplanmondayMenu Plan Monday again, on a very busy week. Tomorrow is judging of non-perishable 4-H projects (posters, crafts, sewing, etc), and Wednesday is judging of the food. Youngest daughter has decided on these yeast rolls and has already made strawberry freezer jam. Middle daughter is making microwave candy, Milky Way Balls.  And oldest daughter is making an international baked food — Old German Honey Cookies. Wish them success — it’s always kind of nerve-wracking to wait your turn to sit with the judge as he/she critiques your work.

So, with last week being busy as well, some of last week’s menu was interrupted and will be re-appearing this week.

Monday: Chicken Stir Fry – I just fix chicken, a bag of alfalfa sprouts, a chopped carrot or two and snap peas (now ready in the garden!) in soy sauce, and serve with rice.

Tuesday: Cheesy Tater Tot Casserole — a favorite, and great for busy days because it’s made in the crockpot. I’ll need something easy today — morning spent at judging, 7 piano students in the afternoon … Ai yi yi …

Wednesday: Spicy Potato Casserole — – from an Amish Cook column in our newspaper, and daughter #1’s favorite — probably green beans from the garden as well. I picked them this morning when I noticed a rabbit beating me to them. Really not enough now, but maybe by Wednesday there will be more.

1.5 lb browned ground beef

1 pkg taco seasoning

1 small onion, diced

8 medium potatoes, boiled and shredded (or use a bag of hash browns)

4 T butter, melted

2 cups shredded cheese

1 t. salt

1 pint sour cream

1 can cream of mushroom soup

1 soup can milk

2.5 cups crushed corn chips

Combine ground beef, taco seasoning and onion.  Put mixture in bottom of 9 x 13 dish.  Mix potatoes with butter, cheese, salt, sour cream and soup.  Mix with milk.  Spoon over hamburger mixture.  Top with remaining chips.  Bake 45 minutes at 350.

Thursday: I give up: frozen pizza 😉

Friday: It’s Chick-fil-A Cow Appreciation Day, so you know where we’ll be eating, for free! Maybe we’ll see you there?


4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Yum! Glad I get to eat all of this☺️

  2. Giving up is fine now and then–you’ve got more than enough going on right now. The Milky Way bars sound like something my cheerleaders would like! Hope the week goes smoothly!

  3. Holy cow, I can’t believe it’s 4-H time already! Menu looks great, as always – and the cookie and candy look even better. I guess I’m especially hungry right now! 😉

  4. That potato casserole sounds good. I may have to try that. I have everything but the ground beef.

    I trust your girls will do well at the fair.

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