Childhood Memories Friday: Christmas in the 1970s

Childhood Memories FridayThey say a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s start off this week’s childhood memories post with a photo reliving Christmas in the 1970s:

Christmas in the 1970sNo writing on the back of the photo, but I’m guessing it’s Christmas 1977. Why Christmas? Well, let’s “read” the photo — my youngest sister and I are each wearing “Little Drummer Boy” pins. Looks like my middle sister has on a vintage wreath pin. Her fake-quilt border on the dress is a ’70s classic, as are my big-frame glasses and all our straight hair styles. My youngest sister’s dress looks like it jumped from the pages of a Sears catalog of the era, and I remember the blue jumper I’m wearing. I think my mom made it, and it was one of my favorites. I would have been in middle school at this point, still (blessedly) pre-acne. And, of course, the poinsettia in the background is a big giveaway, and the decor on the TV as well (just a side note: TV’s sure have changed) — and you can’t miss that chair behind me. Don’t see models like that much anymore.

I’m not sure whose house we are at (I can tell it’s not ours), but I see an ‘old lady’ shoe to the left, so we must have been visiting for Christmas.

Any memories of Christmas in the 1970s? Did you have clothes like these, or big glasses, or ceramic decor, or …

3 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Christmas in the 1970s

  1. That was Christmas Eve and Uncle Fredericks and Aunt Helen’s. All of Mother’s siblings and their families went to the Holland St. James Christmas Eve Program and then we went to the Kammans to open gifts and eat delicious snacks. I loved that annual tradition. Obviously we even did it after living in Seymour.

  2. Yes, it was a fun tradition at Uncle Fred’s house. I loved those Christmas Eve services at mother’s home church, and then the get-together with all her siblings. Those are my favorite Christmas Eve memories.

  3. I made your jumper and JIll’s, also. Ellen’s outfit was a hand me down from Kathy Niccum. I STILL wear those Little Drummer Boy pins. I wear children’s pins year round. Let’s face it, I have NO plan in the world of ever growing up!

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