Ducklings Hatched in Our Yard

Remember about a week ago, when I told you about the mom mallard duck sitting on eggs in our front flower bed?

Remember how each day I would check on her numerous times?

Remember how I learned that it takes about 28 days for duck eggs to hatch?

Yeah, well …

ducklings hatched in our yard… look what I found Sunday night? Ducklings hatched in our yard! Look closely under mama, on the right side …

mallard duck and babies… and then there were two!

mallard duck and babiesAnd then three! Isn’t this the cutest thing you have seen in awhile?

This is the most I saw her with, although several times when I checked, all the babies were underneath her.

I knew that it wouldn’t be long before they would all waddle off for a new home near water, so I checked frequently. Monday morning at 6 and again at 9, they were still there. I’m happy to report that none of them seemed very bothered by me getting just a few feet away to talk to them and take photos.

I ran a few errands, and when I checked at noon, here’s all that remained:

mallard duck eggshells after hatchingJust like kids, whoosh they were mobile and left the nest.

No sign of the little family around two of our development’s three ponds. I’m hoping they are doing well, and I loved watching this saga unfold this spring.

4 thoughts on “Ducklings Hatched in Our Yard

  1. I’m glad you got to experience this. Did the girls enjoy it?

  2. Love it. You did a great job keeping an eye/camera on them. Hope you see more of them.

  3. Adorable! We used to go to a lake quite often when the boys were young, and I loved seeing the baby ducks following mama. How fun to see their beginnings.

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