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How about a bit of author talk today? My friend Naomi Musch put out the call for authors to join a blog hop she’s participating in. You can find Naomi and her books over at her blog, and I must say her new novel Trevelyan, looks scrumptious. What a cover!

Naomi asked me four questions about my writing:

What are you currently working on?

No books in the works right now. Summers tend to be busy here with all three girls home, 4-H, the garden, etc. My summer writing consists of the blog and writing for some other websites. I’ve also recently learned more about formatting books for Kindle — something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I love a free program I’m using, called Sigil. I’ve used it to create compilation books of some public domain works — one a collection of nostalgic bedtime stories, and another a collection of books about famous composers. Hopefully these will be helpful to homeschoolers and other families as well, as they make many stories available in one low-cost, illustrated volume.

How does your work differ from others’?

My Christian faith is important to me, so that always pervades my work. I don’t want to put anything out there that has bad language or questionable moral situations. For instance, this came into play in the“Mad” King Ludwig book when I needed to choose which aspects of his life to emphasize. And one of my goals with my memoir was to show that a Christian upbringing can lead to a happy adult life. I’ve read so many memoirs where faith was presented as something that harmed people in their childhood, and maybe it’s my oppositional/”ornery” nature that led me to want to show another side to that issue.

Why do you write what you write?

I wrote my first book, my memoir, because I wanted to record some childhood memories for my kids. I realized just how much life had changed since when I was growing up, and I wanted to document that time. With my subsequent ideas, most came because I saw a market niche in an area I was interested in anyway. I taught elementary school for eight years, so I have a teacher’s eye for things that will interest kids. That led to my books on King Ludwig and Kate Middleton. Then the two Christian early chapter books came in response to a perceived need for easy readers that could tie in/teach kids about an obscure Bible character at the same time as they read a story about a modern-day child.

How does your writing process work?

Most of my writing is non-fiction, so I begin with research: I read a whole bunch of books about my topic, taking notes and organizing them around topics. After that, I arrange all my notes and begin writing. I usually set the timer and write on the book for an hour each morning. I set Pandora to a channel that fits in with my book’s theme (I listened to lots of Wagner opera when writing Ludwig!) and I’m off. It’s intense, but enjoyable.


Enough about me — here are two new authors I think you’ll enjoy learning about:

dana tan
Dana Rongione is a full-time Christian author and speaker, fulfilling her call to share God’s message of hope and comfort through her books, lessons, podcasts and blog posts. Though her passion lies in writing adult devotional books, Dana has also authored Christian books for children, including her middle-grade mystery series, The Delaware Detectives.

Beyond her roles as author and speaker, Dana works to balance her duties as wife, homemaker, part-time teacher, church pianist, Sunday School teacher (Bible Baptist Church, Pickens, SC) and “mommy” to her two rotten dogs. She resides in Greenville, SC with her husband, Jason and her canine companions, Tippy and Mitchell. In her spare time, Dana enjoys reading, hiking, daydreaming and devouring chocolate.

BookCoverImageThrough Many Dangers

In this second book of the Delaware Detectives Mysteries, Abby and Jamie come face to face with a case that seems unsolvable. With no clues and a man’s life hanging in the balance, the siblings struggle to find information that will lead them in the right direction. But when evidence finally begins to surface, the mystery takes a new turn, leaving Abby and Jamie back where they started. Will the siblings prevail? Will they find Mr. Baker before it’s too late? Who will survive through many dangers?

Twitter: @DRongione



Now, meet Kristin Bales:

Hello, everyone! I’m here today because Susan Braun was kind enough to ask me to join her blog hop. Like Susan, I am a mother and a writer with a few books under my belt. I live in the Pacific Northwest and am lucky enough to have 5 acres of woods to stare at from my writing spot. When I’m not writing, I spend my time taking care of the kids, the dogs, the cats and my husband. 😉  For fun and relaxation, we ski and snowshoe in the winter and boat and fish in the summer.

I’ve been writing for the past 12 or 13 years. I write stuff in the paranormal suspense category and have 3 published books: The Ninth Curse, The Little Black Box and my newest book for young adults, Blood Moon. So that’s all about me! Please take a gander at my website and blog:

And if you are interested in paranormal suspense I’d love for you to check out my books:

The Ninth Curse – Nine curses. Nine weeks to live. Joel Hatcher has inherited more than a family legacy. It’s a time bomb that’s ticking down to the inevitable: his own death. But the curse won’t die with him. Unless he can find a way to break the cycle, his younger brother becomes the next victim.

The Little Black Box – After the suspicious suicides of several student test subjects, Paula Crenshaw, research assistant and budding telekinetic in Paranormal Sciences at Blackridge University, suspects they may be connected to a little black box designed to read auras. Professor Jonas Pritchard, the head of the department, doesn’t believe his precious experiment could be causing students to drop like flies. Haunted by memories of a childhood accident, which Paula believes she caused with her untamed psychic abilities, she finds herself lured to the black box and its mysteries.

Blood Moon – Werewolves are roaming Northeast High, and Savannah Black is determined to hunt them down. When Savannah’s academic rival mysteriously disappears, she enlists the aid of her two best friends to solve the mystery. Football players with glowing eyes and razor sharp canine teeth may have fooled the faculty, but not Savannah and her friends. These brave students are determined to eradicate a clan of deadly werewolves who threaten to take over their school.

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  1. Our pastor was inquiring if you had written any other book than the one about growing up Baptist. He said he really enjoyed reading it. I forwarded your blog from today to him.
    Are you continuing to set your timer for one hour this summer? I would think having the girls home from school might change your plans although there is a strong possibility that mornings in your home are very quiet!

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