Minnie Mouse Costume: Review

Thanks to Costume Supercenter for the costume to review. All thoughts courtesy of me.

In 2008, our family went to Disney World. It was intended as “the” Disney trip for us; we weren’t those die-hard Disney-crazy folks, you know! In fact, my husband was downright negative about going at all, given all the Disney commercialism. I was more excited than that — barely.

And then. Once I stepped into the Magic Kingdom, something happened. I don’t even know what it was, but it truly did seem magical. It was just such a … happy place. The employees were so nice. The rides were so fun. The details were perfect. It was warm (in January!). What can I say? Apparently, these Disney freaks are onto something. Pixie dust must be real.

Minnie Mouse costumeSo, when given the opportunity to review Disney Costumes, I jumped. I just love this Minnie Mouse costume, and while it would no doubt be adorable for Halloween, I think it would be a lot of fun for a girl to wear on a visit to Disney Land or Disney World, too. I would have loved this getup when I was a child. I can just see me rocking out some Mouseketeer routines in it.

Things I loved about it:

  • The skirt is silky and flowing — great for twirling
  • There is a soft underskirt (not itchy!) of netting, which gives the skirt extra “poof”
  • The black velvety top is soft and stretchy
  • It features neat details like the Minnie pin medallion and the included mouse ears headband
  • The poofy sleeves have elastic for comfort, and the sleeve fabric is glittery! Maybe it’s pixie dust!
  • The dress comes on and off easily with a button closure

The price is great, too — believe it or not, once I was hired to sew a Minnie Mouse costume for someone. I am not making this up. It got to be quite expensive, by the time I bought a pattern, fabric, and all the notions. I feel pretty sure I could not sew such a cute costume for this price.

Minnie Mouse costume

What about you? Have you (or your kids) ever had a Disney costume you loved? Which character?

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2 thoughts on “Minnie Mouse Costume: Review

  1. I have never had a Disney costume. I went in 1973 (I think that year is correct) and then Jill & George took me back for my 70th birthday. I agree about the magic. You can’t put your finger on it, but it’s there. In the Crystal Palace while enjoying a breakfast fit for the Royals, an employee presented me with a free Eeyore for my birthday. He now reposes in my bedroom. We had children along and they had stuffed animals. We often left the stuffed animals in a stroller while we did other things. Did anyone ever steal the stuffed animals while we were away? No! It’s just a magical place on earth. My beautician has gone over and over and over!

  2. I’ve had this place on my bucket list before anyone had ever heard of a bucket list. Years and years ago, I was at the gate with my parents and my dad said, “Elaine, let’s not go in. I’m too sick.” He really was sick and would have been miserable, but I was miserable when we couldn’t go. Even now, I want to cry as I type this. It was SUCH a HUGE disappointment. Since then, I’ve been hoping to be able to go, but can no longer do it alone. Will the time ever come that I get to go? It looks less and less likely with every passing year. I try not to be envious of people who’ve not only been there once, but some who have been there multiple times. But, I admit, I really covet the experience. May the Lord forgive me for coveting it!

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