Childhood Memories Friday: The Sunshine Family

Sunshine Family

Childhood Memories Friday
Last week’s childhood memories post on Fisher Price Little People brought a comment about another favorite childhood toy that I hadn’t thought about in a while: the Sunshine Family.

Doing a little research (which the internet makes so easy), I learned that Mattel made these dolls, and sold them from 1974 – 1982. I think my sister and I each got a set. I clearly remember playing with the Sunshine Family, although one of my memories is that they were a bit of a pain because they were a little smaller than Barbies — thus I couldn’t exchange Barbie clothes and Sunshine Family clothes. Same for shoes — Barbie and Ken couldn’t share shoes with their earthy neighbors (and truthfully, “Stephy” with her comfy flat sandals would probably have no interest in squishing her feet into Barbie’s pointy-toed heels).

A quick trip to the basement turned up my own Steve, Stephie, and Sweets (honestly, this isn’t Sweets — it’s another random baby. Rest assured that Sweets is no doubt somewhere in the house, though). If you look closely at the ad, you’ll see that there were also grandma and grandpa dolls available, as well as pets. We never had those.

Sunshine Family

The Sunshine Family does appear to be a great representation of the ’70s, though, with their back-to-nature looks. Do you remember the Sunshine Family? Did you have one to play with?

3 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: The Sunshine Family

  1. I not only remember the Sunshine Family, but I have a vintage Sunshine Family I am selling. Let’s hear a good offer.

  2. Don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard of them. I must not have been around you girls when you had these.

  3. I didn’t have a sunshine family but I had a doll named Skipper (I think). She was more like a preteen doll and very unlike Barbie which my mom didn’t want me having. She had casual clothing and flat shoes as well and this left me desiring Barbie even more.

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