Chick-fil-A Mom Ambassador Night Out

Chick fil A Mom Ambassador

Chick fil A Mom AmbassadorWith last week’s general busy-ness and time at the hospital with my dad as well, I needed a few bright spots. One of the biggest as heading to the local Chick-fil-A restaurant where I am a “Chick-fil-A Mom Ambassador.” That title won’t send me to Libya (thank goodness!) or get me invites to any diplomatic events, but it did land me at Chick-fil-A, seated at a table decorated with a tablecloth and balloons, meeting another local blogger, my good friend Melissa, and the restaurant’s owner/operator and marketing director.

They treated us so well — not that I would expect anything less from Chick-fil-A, though. We moms were each given a gift bag filled with nifty Chick-fil-A goodies. Employees offered to refill our drinks more than once, and even cleaned up messes at the table. I don’t have a maid at home, but I honestly felt like I had one here while dining. And each time I thanked someone, I heard, “My pleasure.”  It’s little things like this that set Chick-fil-A apart.

During our dinner, we sampled some of Chick-fil-A’s new grilled entrees. They were delicious! The grilled nuggets are a great option for those who love chicken nugget flavor, but who want to have a healthier fare. The nuggets had that home-grilled flavor, and were delicious with polynesian sauce (Melissa told me about this. All these years of eating here, and I had never discovered this sweet-and-sour type sauce. Ask for it next time you visit).

chick fil a grilled entrees

The grilled chicken sandwich was another winner, complete with fresh lettuce and tomato, and a tasty whole wheat bun as well. Of course the waffle fries (their “most craveable item,” the owner said) were the perfect complement to the meal, and then it reached true perfection with a peach shake to top it all off (have you tried these? They contain actual bits of real peach and are delicious anytime, but especially on a hot summer day).

Anytime I visit Chick-fil-A, it seems to be busy. But I was intrigued to learn that this has not always been the case. Owner Jeff told about when the restaurant first opened 12 years ago. For a few years, business was slow, and he told of standing in a nearly-empty dining room and looking out the windows, hoping for customers. Through excellent customer hiring and training, delicious food, and a wonderful business ethic, the restaurant is now quite successful.

For you local readers, here are some upcoming events at the Jefferson Pointe Chick-fil-A you’ll want to add to the calendar:

Under the Sea Mother and Daughter Girls Night Out, May 31st 2014: sign up

Annual Cow Appreciation Day (dress like a cow! Love this!): July 11

Chick-fil-A in the Three Rivers Festival parade: July 12

Chick-Fil-A also has a new service called “Family Valet.” If you have small children, you can place your order in the drive-thru, tell the team member that you’re there for FAMILY VALET. Park, go in to the restaurant, and they will have a reserved table ready, complete with kids place mats, highchairs, whatever you have requested. Everything will be waiting for you! Plus they will deliver your food to the table. No more stress waiting in line with small kids, trying to find a table and carrying your food at the same time! This service is available at no extra charge,  Monday – Friday 2pm – 5pm at Jefferson Pointe Chick-Fil-A.


Chick-fil-A at Jefferson Pointe, Ft Wayne IN: Facebook


3 thoughts on “Chick-fil-A Mom Ambassador Night Out

  1. The organization Chick Fil A is a Christian Company. In life when Christians steer the ship, it makes a vast difference! Fellow Christians need to really get behind Chick Fil A and Hobby Lobby and give them your business. Unfortunately I have neither where I live. I am sure there are tons more owned by Christians. Tell me more, anyone out there in Blogland!

  2. We have no Chick Fil A here, but I hope I live long enough to see them come to GR. Last year, while traveling, I split a part of a peach shake with my good friend, Becky, at her recommendation. Oh, my goodness! I’m sure it wasn’t good for me, having way too much sugar, but was it ever good. And by the way, Attic Girl, we have a Hobby Lobby here and I’m doing all I can to patronize the store.

  3. Glad you had a very satisfying time. I just caught up on your week of blogs and enjoyed them very much.

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