Childhood Memories Friday: Little People Fun

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Childhood Memories FridayIf you’ve read my memoir, you no doubt remember how much my sisters and I love Fisher Price Little People, or “kids” as we called them.

Fisher Price little people 1973So here’ a blast from the past: my sister and I with our little people sitting at a very long table we made from blocks (and sitting on block benches, too). We were big Wizard of Oz fans, so I’m guessing it’s no surprise that “OZ” is spelled with two of the blocks. I also notice a few non-little people guests: some characters my mom ordered as promotion from Pop Tarts (Uncle Sam on the end is one), and looking near the left, those cute little gray and brown chipmunk-type creatures. I had forgotten about them!

Behind me, I also see my beloved Fisher Price Houseboat. I had lots of great times with that thing — it really floated in the bathtub, swimming pool, or wherever (remember the story about Toto drowning?).

I can’t help but think fondly about the good times we had creating stories for our little people to play out, and I hope today’s kids have the same opportunities.

What were some of your favorite childhood toys?

5 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Little People Fun

  1. We had a Little People camper, which had a toilet you could remove! We thought that was hilarious and awesome. At some point, the bald Little People boy got his head stuck in there. Ah, kids.

    However, my favorite toys were probably my Sunshine Family dolls. I had the mom, dad, baby, dog and cat. We also had a VW camper and a ‘craft shop.’ I loved that each new item you bought for the family came with a craft or multiple crafts. The ‘craft shop’ had macrame projects and fake leather goods you could make to sell in your shop.

    They were very hippie and very 70s. However, they’d probably do very well in today’s current climate of natural, handmade and neo-hippie!

  2. My favorite toys would have been my dolls, or the cash register bank your mom had. We played with it often in the store we created in a small room in one of my dad’s farm buildings. But what I really loved was going away and reading!

  3. I loved loved loved the view master Aunt Ellen bought me in either first or second grade for my birthday. I also loved loved loved the flash bulb Brownie Camera Aunt Lauretta bought me. When we buy a child a gift, little do we know the long term effect we may be leaving on their life.

  4. I’m pretty sure we played with them when I was growing up, but I especially remember them from my boys’ childhoods. One year when my mom asked about Christmas ideas for them, I suggested one of the bigger Little People sets for the three of them together: she got a big set for each one plus wrapped a number of individual little people for their stockings. My husband joked that we needed to build them their own room. 🙂

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