Childhood Memories Friday: Quicksand, Burning Houses, and Ice Ages


Childhood Memories FridayThe other day, I saw this on Facebook:

quicksand… and I realized how true it was. Remember on Gilligan’s Island? There were several run-ins with quicksand. I think it featured in Land of the Lost as well. It was scary, it could swallow you fast — and as an adult, I have never seen quicksand. Ever.

This got me thinking about other things I was led to believe would be a bigger deal than they really were. Remember studying about fire safety in school? I remember a big deal being made of making a plan with your family about how you would exit the house if it caught on fire during the night. It was important to have a meeting place! I spent quite a bit of time thinking about this. Our split-level might go up in flames, but if it did, at least we’d all watch it against the dark sky while gathered by the dogwood tree in the front yard.

Then I also remembered the coming ice age. While I was in elementary school, in the 1970s, I clearly remember learning in science about past ice ages. We also learned that another ice age was coming. This was pretty scary, although given the timeframe that the first one had occurred in, it probably wasn’t an urgent worry. And just look how things turned out: now there is no talk about ice ages, but we do hear about global warming (hasn’t the recent winter turned the polite phrase into “climate change”?).

What are some things you remember learning about as a child, that turned out to be a big nothing as an adult?

3 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Quicksand, Burning Houses, and Ice Ages

  1. When we were in grade school, it was all about a nuclear disaster. We had to watch movies about it, etc. There have been a couple of them in the world, but not in the sense they portrayed them in the movies.

  2. As a child on the farm when a bad storm approached I would be so scared. If I happened to be somewhere else such as Grandma Kamman’s, it wasn’t so frightening. On the farm, I’d get Elaine & Mary Ellen with me and grab the Egermeier’s Bible Story Book and begin reading any Bible story with great gusto!

  3. I remember being terrified of fires as a kid. I always made sure to have my robe and shoes ready to go. I remember tornado drills in school,but honestly don’t remember talking about them at home. I guess my parents were realists and realized we didn’t live in tornado alley!

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