Childhood Memories Friday: Birthday Parties

1972 birthday party

Childhood Memories FridayRecently, I pulled out a few photos from childhood birthday parties:

1968 birthday partyHere I am (center), 3 years old at my friend Tommy’s party. I’m not sure where my hat is??

birthday party 1970And here we are in 1970, at my own birthday party. I’m in the center, with my sister Jill in front of me. We’re out on the back patio. From left, there’s my neighbor Kathy, sisters Lisa and Lori from church, then after me Bekki from church and Cheryl. My mom was always a fan of inviting the number of kids to the party to correspond to the age of the honoree. So, I keep getting more guests the older I get …

1972 birthday partyFinally, my 1972 party. Here, I’m in the front row, 2nd from the left, wearing my prized zebra-stripe jumper. To the left of me is my sister, to the right, Missy, who loved horses so much that she actually ate grass at recess. Then Cyndy, who sat out the ouija board with me once at a slumber party (you’ll have to read my memoir to get all the details), and Melissa. Back row, we have Trina, Regina, Karen (I’m not sure what she’s doing …), Amy, Tressa, and Cheryl. Most of these girls I haven’t seen or talked to in years and years. Isn’t it amazing how I remember all their names?

One thing I notice is how dressed up most of us are. Somewhere along the way, girls stopped dressing up for birthday parties like they were church (then again, somewhere along the line most girls stopped dressing up for church too!). Also, the birthday parties of my childhood almost always involved going to someone’s house and playing games like squash the balloon, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, or things like that. No parties at Chuck-E-Cheese, movie theaters, or craft places. It was a different, simpler time.

What do you remember about birthday parties of your childhood?

2 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Birthday Parties

  1. The main birthday party that stands out in my mind, is the one when Mother invited Miss Lilly and Miss Bartelt to our house for my 6th birthday, when I was in first grade. If I ever had another birthday party, I don’t remember it. And who has a birthday party celebrated with your teachers? As I recall, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Mother probably invited these teachers as Miss Lilly was my teacher and shared my birthday. She didn’t drive, so I imagine Mother invited Miss Bartelt to come along to do the driving. And they had taught together for years by this time. And Miss Bartelt was Mother’s cousin. Ah, the memories …

  2. The guy I was dating had a birthday party for me for my 16th or 17th birthday at his parents’ home. I thought it was sad that his parents made him pay for all the food that was used. . . I still have the bracelet he bought me. I never in my life remember my parents having a birthday party for me. Perhaps I forgot.

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