Birthday Cake Pop Tarts: Review #PopTarts50

As a “Chatterbox” for Birthday Cake Pop Tarts, I received a coupon for a free box. I was under no obligation to review them here, but I liked them and thought you might be curious to learn more about those cute-yet-different polka dot Pop Tart boxes you’ll be seeing on WalMart shelves …

I just realized something. I am the same age as … Pop-Tarts! That’s right, 1964 saw both the birth of me and of those delicious tarts that I have enjoyed so many times through the years. I ate them frequently as a child, and even more frequently as a college student and then as a single career girl. Why not? They are yummy, and they require no cooking other than popping into the toaster (and to be truthful, I often ate them straight out of the box).

Birthday Cake Pop TartsSo, here they are — cute polka-dot box, huh?

Birthday Cake Poptarts

And here’s what they look like out of the box. So the sprinkles aren’t distributed quite as evenly as you’d been led to expect from the box? What do you think this is, 4-H judging at the county fair?

Birthday Cake PoptartsThese were a hot commodity when the kids came home from school. Here you can see the inside — which looks, not surprisingly, like — birthday cake!

The girls were happy with them. I tried one myself, and I have to say that it was really tasty. It truly tasted like cake — in my opinion, kind of like vanilla wedding cake. Quite a surprising flavor coming from a Pop Tart, but I liked it!

These are available exclusively at WalMart, and they’re a limited edition. That means that you should head out soon if you want to celebrate with Pop Tarts. And honestly? Who wouldn’t?

4 thoughts on “Birthday Cake Pop Tarts: Review #PopTarts50

  1. I was a fan of the unfrosted blueberry Pop-Tarts when I was a kid. I love all the bizarre flavors they have been coming out with. However, they are mostly the domain of my kids’ snack shelf in the pantry! I will have to pick these up when I see them, now that they have the resounding approval of Susan!

  2. We have “Pop Tart” Season–the school year. We take the summer off. Currently the Chocolate Chip are big and the Raspberry when we can find them. Strawberry and Blueberry and occasionally Brown Sugar Cinammon. Untoasted. Always!

  3. I think eating Pop Tarts was a staple for you and yours sisters for breakfast. If I ever liked them, it escapes me. At this point in my life, I prefer a glass of water to eating a Pop Tart. With longer school days kids receive free PM treats. Very often part of the treat is not one but TWO Pop Tarts. That seems like a lot to me! I mean, it’s not a meal. It’s a snack!

  4. What about their nutritional value? It seems to me they wouldn’t be very healthy, but since I’ve never been a fan of them, it’s easy for me to say that.

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