Childhood Memories Friday: IU Memories

Childhood Memories FridayA few weeks ago, during spring break, I took my oldest daughter on a couple of college visits. One was to my alma mater, Indiana University. We began by sitting in on a psychology lecture. The professor spoke about memory, and a man who had tragically lost all his memories. The whole topic was ironic on this day, because being at IU again, for the first time in almost 30 years, was bringing back all kinds of memories for me. IU Memories, I have a few …

inside IU Memorial UnionWe hurriedly followed the group through the IU Memorial Union. It was reminiscent of so many quick walks through that rambling place, either on the way to a class or between classes. We passed through one utilitarian hallway that reminded me of a 30-year-old airport lobby, and it spurred a memory: here, 30 years ago, I spent one evening with a fellow Campus Crusade for Christ-er, randomly approaching students to go through “4 Spiritual Laws” booklets with. Boy, that was traumatic for me, not being a drive-by witnessing type.

IU Campus Tour

Ah, of course the fountain in front of the auditorium, hearing about what happened to the fish after the IU basketball team won the 1987 NCAA tournament. I remember standing here when I was on a campus tour as a teen — only we heard a different story about the fountain, since the tournament win was still in the future at that point.

IU ArboretumThe Arboretum — how many times did I walk across this green space, either mentally reviewing some concepts learned in class or contemplating my next change of major? Many, many times. That’s for sure.

IU Beck Chapel cemetery Ballantine HallOh my oh my oh my — Beck Chapel and the cemetery beside it, with Ballantine Hall in the background. So many classes there, so many trips past the Chapel, so many memories. It feels so strange to walk by these once-familiar landmarks that I passed during those formative years, having now lived much of my “grown up” life. So strange … I guess it feels comforting to know that so many landmarks here seemed the same, despite the passing of the years.

Thomas Hart Benton murals IU Auditorium

Although it wasn’t included in our tour, I had to go inside the IU Auditorium to catch a quick peek at the Thomas Hart Benton murals that had so fascinated me years ago. They were still looking good 🙂

IMG_3708It was fun to visit a “real” dorm room in a dorm I remember, and see again a much-missed neighbor who showed us around.

Have you ever gone back to your college? What was the experience like for you?

3 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: IU Memories

  1. In May the Super Stars, the school team I work with, are taking an end of year field trip. Guess where we will spend the day? We are going to Indiana University. How cool is that? How exciting is that for a group of sixth graders who are lost in playing video games? I think the teachers I work with are the BEST in Indiana! This will broaden horizons for so many children from Seymour!!

  2. We’ve gone to IU a few times since part of my Mom’s family was there until very recently and my grandparents and before are burried there. My kids found it totally overwhelming! Funny, my high school wasn’t very much bigger than theirs, but I suppose since my Grandmother lived there, went to IU, her sister went IU, her nephew, cousin, etc, and I had visited Bloomington a few times as a kid, I felt at home there immediately in spite of the size.

    Lovely piece–I remember when the Arboretum was created. It was the old stadium (iirc) that was there.

  3. I’ve returned to my college/unviersity alma mater, Cedarville, many times. For me, it’s very unlike it was when I was a student there. The campus has changed so much I’m literally unable to find my way around the newer part of it. Some of the older buildings are still standing, but the one in which I lived and worked my senior year has long since been torn down. But there are still many memories there, most of them very, very good.

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