Can You Walk Any Slower?

Recently, I attended a performance downtown with one of the girls. As we were making the obligatory trek to the car afterwards, my daughter was moving significantly faster than I was along the city sidewalks.  I enjoyed watching her leap ahead of me. Apparently, though, she wasn’t enjoying it as much as I was, because at one point she turned around and said with exasperation, “Mom! Can you walk any slower?

Well. It was intended as sarcasm, but still I got the point: I don’t move as fast as I used to.

I used to walk fast, as I suppose most young people do. After all, knowing that in 5 or 6 minutes a bell will ring, and you’ll be in trouble if you haven’t reached your destination, can put a little speed into your step, for sure. I remember needing to consciously slow myself down when I was walking with someone who didn’t have quite my speed or urgency.

I think I began to slow down once I had kids. I remember walking with three young kids to parades and vacation destinations, as my husband would turn around frequently to ask if I couldn’t speed up. That felt strange, because usually I was fast.

I remember walking my oldest daughter’s first high school schedule with her before school started. She covered the high school halls faster than I did, to the point that I really had to concentrate to keep up. Again, it was strange: the tables had turned, and I wasn’t the fast walker anymore.

Why did I slow down? I’m sure age plays a role. When we’re teens, we just don’t realize that we possess all that energy, until we don’t.

And also, as adults we have the … luxury … of moving slower, as well — usually. No one at the grocery store has ever told me to hurry up.

Can I walk any slower? Maybe — and some days, it feels nice to try.

5 thoughts on “Can You Walk Any Slower?

  1. I cannot imagine someone telling YOU that. You are a walking speed demon! I remember the vacation we took to Washington D. C. I was pregnant with Ellen. Dad always struck out like he was the opening act in a parade and I kept plodding along.
    I remember light years ago one night your sisters and me walked to the high school. Not only did you walk much faster, you kept coming back and circling me. When I got home, I had chest pains.
    When Jill & George treated me to Disney World they kept getting irked with me for walk so slowly!
    On my recent visit with you on a day or so when we left your home, I could not keep up with you walking.
    This is all to say, if your girls think YOU’RE slow, they better never walk with me! They’d question if I was moving. But moving I am. I just came in the door from my daily 3 mile walk. I choose to NOT walk with anybody because I am too independent and guess what? It’s hard to find anybody that walks my speed. There are people who walk MUCH faster than me and just as many that walk much S L O W E R.

  2. Well, I would be one of those who made you look like you were flying! And with the current knee pain I’m experiencing, I would certainly make all of you look like you were flying! I pray that said daughter never experiences joint pain.

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