Menu Plan Monday

menuplanmondayMenu Plan Monday is here again. This week, since it’s April for Pete’s sake, rather than planning meals, I keep looking outside and itching to get into the garden. There’s no way it’s happening yet; it’s still cold and wet and windy. But at least the snow seems to have stopped, and twice over the past few weeks it was nice enough to take a bike ride. I can’t wait to plant seedlings in the garden and see things green and growing again. How about where you are?

Monday: Lasagna Soup — didn’t happen last week, so it appears again.

Tuesday: Oven Roasted Chicken and Veggies — one of the easiest recipes I make.

Cut up a couple of chicken breasts, a couple of carrots, a couple of potatoes – put in a roasting pan, then top with 1/3 c. olive oil and a packet (actually I use 1/2 packet) of dry onion soup mix.  Bake 45 minutes at 425.

I make this recipe a lot, and you can feel free to tweak it: add different vegetables, add more or less oil, adjust the temperature based on your oven, etc.

Wednesday: Cheeseburger Buns – a favorite, especially with the kids.

Thursday: Layered Fiesta Casserole — kind of like tacos in a baking dish

Friday: White Bean Chicken Chili — cozy and delicious

white bean chicken chili


What is on the menu this week at your house? More menu inspiration at OrgJunkie‘s.

2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Yeah, I was just looking at the mess in the back yard that’s visible now that the snow’s melted – time to get busy! 🙂 I do have some parsley and marjoram seedlings started, and soon (I hope) I’ll be able to get some seeds in the ground.

  2. Although most of the ground is bare, here, we do still have mounds of snow that are yards high at the edges of parking lots, etc. I predict they won’t melt completely before May. Enjoy your week.

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