Childhood Memories Friday: IU Dorm Room

Childhood Memories FridayThis week I have traveled with my oldest daughter to two different universities. She will be a high school senior this coming school year, so, as hard as it is to believe, it is already time for her to be considering where to attend college. So many memories — in my case, of Indiana University (IU).

IU Dorm room Willkie 1983So, here I am, having just moved into Willkie Dorm at IU in August 1983. Notice the Charles and Diana posted framed above the bed (my roommate’s grandma famously asked, when she saw it, “Is that your aunt and uncle?” Ohhh … how I wished …).

You can’t miss the now-vintage black phone on the wall with the dangly cord, and I spy several of my favorite stuffed animals on the bed, and  my jewelry box to the left. And ah, the tan that I so coveted at the time appears to have been mine. I remember — and loved — that terrycloth shorts set.

It was fun to visit a dorm room yesterday (we were fortunate to get a private tour thanks to our old neighbor girl), and to see that not a whole lot has changed.

What memories do you have of your college dorm room?

3 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: IU Dorm Room

  1. Sunrise, sunset, Sunrise, Sunset
    Swiftly flow the days
    Seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers ~
    Blossoming even as we gaze. . .

    When children grow up, we are handed a mixed bag of emotions. . .

    You want her to go to college instead of flipping burgers,
    And yet, it is tinged with sadness, too.

  2. I have many memories of dorm rooms. I guess I’d call the rooms at Deaconess Hospital School of Nursing dorm rooms. Oh, how different life was there. We were expected to be sitting at our desks studying from 7-10, and the housemother put on ballet-type house slippers, and strolled noiselessly up and down the hallways to be sure we weren’t making too much noise. Kids now would have a fit if they had to go away to school and have such “restrictive rules.” One of the good memories is that we had a wonderful stereo player in the reception area and the housemother often had an LP with themes from a current movie playing as we walked back into the dorm after our day at the hospital. I loved some of that music! And I’m so thankful for the education I got there, grueling as some of it was.

  3. I see the phone cord is stretched out. I remember many floor mates stretching those phone cords out the dorm room and down the hallway trying to have a private conversation without disturbing their roommates studying. I also remember weekends after work when my roommates and friends on my floor would just ride the bus out to the mall and window shop. If we were fortunate we sometimes had a few extra dollars to pool together for pizza.

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