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book chatMy reading this month largely consisted of 2 royal books for my Royalty Reading Challenge. I  have already reviewed The Diana Chronicles about Princess Diana’s life, and am currently reading Prince William: Born to be King, which I’ll review on April 1 when I wrap up the challenge. If you’ve read a book related to any aspect of royalty this month, stop by and join me.

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A Godward Heart: Treasuring the God Who Loves YouI also was able to read A Godward Heart: Treasuring the God Who Loves You thanks to the Multnomah bloggers’ program.  The author is John Piper, and over the past few years I’ve seen things by Piper pop up on Facebook. He’s a pastor, and he always seems to have meaningful, “meaty” things to say. This book was no different, and I really enjoyed it. It was typical of Piper’s “non-fluff” style and consists of 50 short devotions on a wildly divergent range of topics. I do mean divergent — we veer from a meditation on a specific verse to thoughts on a bridge that collapsed in his city to thoughts on C.S. Lewis and Robert Louis Stevenson.

I enjoyed that these devotions were short, because most invited deep thought. A few quotes and thoughts I liked –

  • “If God and his word are your highest values — your greatest desires — then whatever helps you know them and experience them deeply will be good — not easy, and maybe not even morally right (like slander from your adversaries), but good in the sense that God ordains it to give you what is absolutely best — the illumining effect of God’s infinitely valuable word.” (I also have to love another writer addicted to the dash)
  • “We cannot answer every why question. But there is always this answer: My faith is being tested by the Lord who loves me and will help me. And our Lord never wastes his tests. Whether we believe this truth is, in fact, part of the test.”
  • One chapter has an interesting discussion on “Does anyone standing by the lake of fire jump in?” Piper brings up the popular (and irritating, in my opinion) instance of people saying, “Well, if (fill in the blank) means you’ll go to hell, then I don’t even want to go to heaven” or “I’m going to hell for saying this, but I don’t care …” Really? Piper goes into things said in the Bible about hell, and points out “No one wants this,” regardless of glib things they may say.

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  1. I love dashes, too. :). I’d like to read this book.

  2. I really liked this devotional as well. I’ve only just dived into Piper’s works and he’s hit or miss with me but I love his passion for the Lord. It is very evident — AND inspiring.

  3. I really appreciated the last two quotes by Piper that you included in your blog. Still hoping to make great progress on my Diana book next week. Plugging along a little at a time.

  4. I’ve only read one Piper book, a long poem about Job. I need to read some of his other work some time.

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