Childhood Memories Friday: Easter 1977

Childhood Memories FridayApril 1977 — quick, what are your memories?

Offhand, I probably wouldn’t have any. But that’s the beauty of photos: they take us back to a time we might otherwise have forgotten. So, let’s look at a photo of Easter 1977, specifically April 10.

Easter 1977One thing I note is that the shrubs are green. That is making me really envious this year, when there’s little green to be seen where I live. My sister is wearing a maxi dress very typical of the era. I’m assuming she’s shading her eyes from the sun? We had many of those fuzzy hair ties, the better to adorn our pigtails with. At 12, apparently I had outgrown pigtails. I’m holding my year-old sister, who appears to have an Easter bunny.

Ah, that mint green suit. I had decided I wanted to make a suit for sewing in 4-H. My mom thought it was a bad idea, but I insisted (and got a red ribbon, if I recall correctly). Mom always made my 4-H pattern first, so she could have an idea of where trouble spots might lie. So, I’m wearing the “trial run” suit. The one I ended up making was rust colored. Of course, I’m accessorizing it with white knee socks that are struggling to stay up, and some awful “old man” shoes.

What do you remember about 1977? Or perhaps the photo stirs up a few memories for you …

4 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Easter 1977

  1. Every hair tie you girls ever wore repose in a clear glass jar in the attic. It was a simpler time. It was a good time.

  2. How fantastic that your mom was so helpful with your 4-H project. I didn’t learn to sew until my high school sewing class. Your girls will probably laugh at the thought of having a sewing class in High School. I just love your Childhood Memories Friday and Easter is my favorite holiday.

  3. I believe I remember the rust colored suit. I’m trying to remember what I was doing in spring 1977. In September, I left for Canada to study French. I don’t recall having seen you in spring 1977, although I must surely have seen you all before I left to study French. Ahhh, the memories.

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