Menu Plan Monday

menuplanmondayMenu Plan Monday arrives again, this time on the Monday of a week that looks like it may be mainly spring-like. That would be good, and appropriate too, actually, since spring officially begins Thursday. Still, considering the winter we’ve had, we’re all probably a bit nervous to declare it over. But there’s hope … What is the weather like where you live?

Monday: I’m a little bummed that it’s St Patrick’s Day and here goes my chance for making something green — but there is a dinner at a fancy place sponsored by my husband’s workplace. He has worked there about 30ย  years so I would say it’s about time we at least got a dinner out of it — and perhaps even more important, I get a night off from cooking ๐Ÿ™‚ Celebrate with me!

Tuesday: Chicken Tortilla Bake

Wednesday: Cornbread Salad — looks so good; it’s a salad so I’m not sure I can get people to eat it, although the lack of lettuce is a point in its favor …

Thursday: Easy Cheesy Spaghetti Casserole — easy, as it says, and tasty.

Friday: tacos — the girls have been requesting tacos, so I will put together a taco bar

Whatโ€™s making up your menu plan Monday this week?

2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Cheers for Mike and his special dinner tonight. Enjoy your evening. Do the girls go too? I’ve had a cornbread salad several times and loved it. Happy Monday!

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