Childhood Memories Friday: Playhouse Memories

Childhood Memories FridayI’ve written about my childhood playhouse before, but it’s been a while. So, how about a few more playhouse photos and memories?

My dad built a playhouse for my sister and me in 1972, when I was 7. It was very cool, with a porch, screen door, and windows with curtains.

1970s playhouse
There was a nifty wooden woodpecker door knocker. My sister and I, and various friends, spent many an enjoyable childhood afternoon performing on the porch, which made a great stage. If I were in charge, we were probably re-enacting songs from the New Mickey Mouse Club. Here, we’re wearing ponchos that (I think) our grandma made for us. That’s my childhood friend Marcilynn.

1970s playhouseHere we are a year later, in 1976, the Bicentennial year, you’ll remember, if you were alive at that time. We’re inside the playhouse with our new sister (the back of the photo notes that this was her first visit inside the playhouse!). Our favorite thing to play in the playhouse wasn’t cooking or (heaven forbid) cleaning — we set up all our Fisher Price playsets and played with our “little people.” Here you can see a homemade house we made from a box, our Fisher Price barn, and on the table it looks like there’s a house we made from blocks.

Good, good memories. Did you have a playhouse or special place you enjoyed playing as a child?

5 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Playhouse Memories

  1. The play house was Dad’s idea. He found one he sort of patterned yours after in the Louisville Courier Journal. I still have the article, of course. . . When I was a little girl, I knew of a little girl who lived on the edge of Huntingburg, next to Aunt Julia and Uncle Walter, and SHE had a playhouse. I just thought that was WONDERFUL! Also in my first reader featuring Tom and Nancy, they played in a playhouse.
    The best Elaine, Mary Ellen and me could muster up was a room we fixed up in the machine shed on the farm. At times it was turned into our grocery store…

  2. Wonderful memory! Don’t you wish you had that playhouse now for a cozy little office! Love the ponchos, too. My grandmother made them for my cousin and me–probably the same pattern!! I love this series of posts–it always brings back my own memories.

  3. What a sweet post! I usually climbed as high up as possible in a tall tree and used that as my play house. I loved when it was really windy, like before a storm, because the branch swayed like a swing. At school in 1st grade, we girls would each pick a tree as a house and draw our rooms in the dirt, then go around visiting each other. Your house made of a box brings back a wonderful memory of a dollhouse my Daddy made from a box. We thought it was a project for JayCee’s, and tried not to be envious of the “poor child” who was to receive it for Christmas. We were so delighted when we found it under our own tree! It even had shutters painted on, and Mom had made little curtains and things for the inside. My little brother had the Fisher-Price barn set and even though I was nearly 10 years older than him, I still loved playing with it with him!

  4. I enjoyed the “playroom” we had in the machine shed on the farm. It was fun to go grocery shopping and have a cash register in it. Oh, the memories.

    I love you “Childhood Memories” posts. They always bring back memories for me, too.

  5. Neat story! I missed not having any sisters to play with, but there were several girls about my age in the neighborhood, and we rode our bikes to each other’s houses to play. Since I was rather a tomboy, I spent many hours outdoors each summer day either walking the barn beams and playing in the haymow or wagon shed. Another favorite thing to do was to walk in the woods, gathering wild flowers and identifying trees with my grandfather. Climbing trees and our windmill on the farm were other joys of my childhood.

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