King Cardinal

How about a photo post to celebrate today’s almost-spring snowstorm, which is expected to bring up to a foot of new snow?

song sparrow in snowI am really enjoying watching all the birds I feed this winter. Lots of little song sparrows …

junco in snow… and I love the juncos, with their flickery black and white tails.

Cardinal in winter maleBut there’s one visitor that always gets my attention fast. That is the cardinal, or, as I’ve begun calling him, “King.” I suppose he’s just one, although perhaps several male cardinals visit. But, since I only see one at a time, I assume King is a single bird.

cardinal at feederHe doesn’t stop by every day, but his red color looks so pretty against the snow, that he gets my attention every time.

2 thoughts on “King Cardinal

  1. Perhaps you got your love of birds from Grandpa Schulte. Until the fire, he had a large wonderful Aubudon Bird Book. Seems like there was a storage container under our living room couch, where the book reposed. I, too, love birds.

  2. I enjoyed this post, Susan. And I agree that King is an attractive addition to a snowy scene.

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