Menu Plan Monday

menuplanmondayMenu Plan Monday arrives again. I’m feeling in need of an easy cooking week, so this week features several days of really quick and easy meals. I like, though, that even if I just open a box of pierogies and add Ragu (I know from several of you that this is weird), it still is much better for us than eating fast food. And it’s a lot cheaper as well. Sometimes, it’s good enough.

Monday: King Ranch Chicken Noodle Casserole — saw this in Good Housekeeping recently and it looked good.

Tuesday: the above-mentioned pierogies, straight from the box to boiling water.

Wednesday: fish — probably tilapia filets for the adults and the fish stick variety for the kids

Thursday: Chicken Pot Pie — love this!

Friday: Duggars’ Taco Soup — I have made this before and it’s good. I usually make 1/3 of the recipe as printed here, since the original is for 25-30 people. I will also probably make bread in the bread machine.

Strawberries on on sale here at $1/pounds this week, so I will probably buy some and make shortcake and/or a pie. Why are strawberries so cheap this early in the season? Seems odd.

What’s making up your menu plan Monday this week?


4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Speaking of strawberries, the neighbor who does my garden said the strawberry plants in our garden look very bad. On another topic, my friend Alice leaves her rosemary outside in the ground all winter so this winter I tried it. I looked at it yesterday, and it looks dead as a doornail! Maybe a miracle will occur… maybe…

  2. You know I’m always impressed with your Menu Mondays. I’m always deciding on the day. We’ve been enjoying strawberries too. Did short cake once now doing the smoothy thing with bananas and blueberries thrown in the mix. Have a great week everyone.

  3. I hope strawberries are the same price here. That would be wonderful. I just finished the ones I had bought previously for my bedtime snack yesterday evening. I enjoy them so much more with sugar on them, but am learning to eat them plain. Cancer has changed my life in more ways than one!

  4. I made sausage/spinach/cheese Calzones last night–2 meals cause I’m alone those nights. Then making chili tonight for tomorrow. Bacon cheese fries and some sort of Mexican the last night. No one home on Friday this week!

    I want to hear about the King Ranch casserole–its everywhere on Pinterst and sounds good.

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