Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle: Review #MrCleanMorePower

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Mr. Clean — all opinions my own.

Cleaning: I must admit, it’s not my favorite thing today. I sure would love for a big, strong guy to come clean my house. Well, recently I had the privilege of that actually happening. The big, strong guy was Mr. Clean, and he paid me a visit through¬† Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle, available at Walmart. It’s a new cleaner that is two times more powerful than regular all-purpose cleaners.

Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle
You can use Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle on a sponge. I did, for cleaning my stovetop and counters. It had a clean, fresh smell (choose from lemon scent, Febreze scent, Gain scent, or Dawn scent — all sound refreshing), and it foamed easily and cleaned well. I wasn’t really surprised, since I’ve been a fan for years of another Mr. Clean product — the amazing Magic Eraser.

Mr Clean Liquid Muscle

You can also use Mr Clean Liquid Muscle in a bucket. I added warm water to the bucket, squirted in some of the cleaner, and went to work on the foyer floor where I was going to tape down the edge of a rug that stubbornly refuses to lie flat. I’m happy to report that Mr. Clean easily cleaned the floor and left it with a great scent too!

I’m happy to have a new product in my arsenal of cleaning products. Since I’m a reluctant cleaner anyway, it helps to have products like this that make cleaning easier.

How about you?  Do you enjoy cleaning, or not? Do you have any helpful techniques for cleaning (or avoiding the need to clean)? Have you tried Mr Clean Liquid Muscle?


2 thoughts on “Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle: Review #MrCleanMorePower

  1. I do not like cleaning, mostly because all the bending, twisting, etc. causes me such pain. I’m in definite need of having my house cleaned right now. Having a nice fragrance in my house would be a blessing. I’m glad you’re enjoying this new product.

  2. I have not tried Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle, but I have used Mr. Clean for years & love the results. It cuts grime that most cleaners won’t.

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