Pororo’s Racing Adventure: Review

Thanks to Lionsgate Home Entertainment for this DVD to review.

Pororo's Racing Adventure

Have you been enjoying the Olympics? Or, perhaps I should ask, have your kids been enjoying the Olympics? If so, I have a fun new DVD that they may enjoy. It’s called The Little Penguin: Pororo’s Racing Adventure, and it’s available exclusively at WalMart.

This is a cute 77-minute video that captures olympic excitement because it involves sledding. Cute little penguin Pororo and his equally sweet friends participate in a Super Sled Race. But they’re competing against the former champion White Tigers, the win-at-any-cost Brown Bears, and other teams as well. Can Pororo win the race — will his dreams come true?

This action-packed film would appeal to most elementary school kids. My 7th grade daughter and I enjoyed watching it. It’s cute for preschoolers as well, although I doubt they would understand the story. Likewise, older kids/tweens/teens may enjoy it as well for a light-hearted way to spend an hour.

Need a birthday gift for an upcoming party? Pororo’s Racing Adventure would be a fun choice, with its message encouraging kids to chase their dreams, just like Pororo and his friends do.

And … how about an adorable matching snack to munch on while you’re watching the movie? Sledding penguins frozen bananas!

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  1. would be super for a summery party where ice cream would be a disaster

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