Menu Plan Monday — Pinterest Edition

menuplanmondayMenu Plan Monday time again. Each weekend I wonder where to look for inspiration for the coming week. My options include computer bookmarks, actual cookbooks, or “family favorites” cookbooks I’ve compiled with recipes clipped from various sources. This week, I am trying something new: just looking through recipes I have pinned on Pinterest. This is a bit of a challenge, because I tend to pin desserts 🙂

Anyway, such as it is, here is the Pinterest Edition of Menu Plan Monday 🙂

Monday: Crock Pot Chicken Parmesan — made this recently and it was good. Actually, I’ve already tried and approved all of this week’s recipes 🙂

Tuesday: Grilled Tex Mex Nacho Packets — I always like making “packet” type meals because they’re so easy to individualize to each person’s tastes.

Wednesday: BBQ Chicken Quesadillas

Thursday: Lentil Loaf — nice vegetarian alternative to meatloaf

Friday: Hamburger Vegetable Soup — probably with bread-machine bread. This is a nice recipe because it makes plenty for at least a couple of meals.

… at least, I’m hoping all these meals happen. I have 2 out-of-town trips during the week, necessitating putting 10 piano students into 3 days. It’s going to be pretty busy at mealtime. But, I’ve found that the more I plan, the more likely those plans are to actually come to fruition.

What are you cooking this week?


5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday — Pinterest Edition

  1. I agree, with hope, the packets look really good. Checking that one out. I also was going to crock pot something with chicken today. Maybe I will use your chicken parm recipe!

  2. I’m not too sure about the lentil loaf, but the rest of the recipes look good. I just finished cooking tuna patties which were good. I haven’t fixed them in years, but with your mom’s emphasis on eating healthy fish, I decided I should try them. I enjoyed them.

  3. Starting today school for us is extended by one hour. This goes into the month of May. It’s a new normal. Teachers I dine with for lunch are talking a lot about firing up their crock pots, now especially. One lady’s mother bought her a cookbook exclusively for crock pot cooking. I got a new chicken/rice soup recipe today that you prepare in the crock pot. I sampled it last Friday and it was delicious!
    Sad you are cooking today. It’s your ANNIVERSARY! You need to be going out with Mike tonight!!

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