Childhood Memories Friday: School Valentines

Childhood Memories FridaySchool valentines: do your kids give them? Did you? Do you remember school Valentine’s Day parties?

school valentines 1970s 1960sHere are some of my school valentines, from either kindergarten or first grade.

Valentine’s Day is pretty timeless, I think – my kids’ elementary school still had Valentine’s parties when they attended a few years back, although the Halloween party has become the “Fall Party” and the Christmas party is now the “Winter party.” I guess Valentine’s Day is still politically correct.

I love the valentines that are clearly a product of their time -– the one with the girl sweeping, the one with the girl talking on the rotary phone, the one with the Mexican kid on the cactus saying “si si.” I doubt they sell that one anymore. I also notice that my first-grade object of affection, Keith, gave me the teacher card (Teacher – you’re tops with me!). I’d like to think he had that much respect for me, but I suspect he was either confused or oblivious.

You’ll notice that none of them contain candy (well, it looks like one homemade one had a long-gone stick of Juicy Fruit), and none are holograms. They’re just … valentines.

In the background is my valentine holder – the old standard 12″x18″ sheet of construction paper folded up and stapled on the sides. We always decorated it as an art activity.

I heard on the news this week an outraged! reporter telling about a local school where kids were instructed to bring a valentine for each child in class, and not to write names on any of them. I’m not sure what the problem was here — even when I was in school, I’m pretty sure we were told to bring valentines for everyone. Not sure what’s behind the no-names policy, though. In this day of less emphasis on handwriting, it seems like this could give kids some needed practice in penmanship.

The only bad Valentine story I remember from childhood occurred in maybe fifth grade. Our valentine holders were on a bulletin board in the back of the room. One unpopular girl had an aluminum foil-wrapped package placed in hers. Soon, word got around that it contained dog food. I don’t think we ever learned who had given this unfortunate valentine, but hey — it’s an example of bullying being around even then.

What do you remember about school valentines?


2 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: School Valentines

  1. I went with Daddy to a Jasper dime store and selected one particular more expensive valentine for a boy I liked in sixth grade. On the day of love, I “mailed” it to him in our classroom decorated big box. Then I fairly flew to the bathroom in the new gym (our only bathroom on the property), and hid in a stahl for an extended period, wondering what his reaction would be. Love does odd things to women <3

  2. How could anyone ever forget the extreme excitement on Valentine’s Day during the elementary school years? We had the one big box that held the cards for all, so as you might guess, it took quite awhile to get them all passed out. Then followed refreshments by the room mothers, making it impossible to have any time left in the day for any more school lessons. Thank goodness, we didn’t have to be pressured about the upcoming ISTEPs, because they were not even thought of yet back then.
    I also remember that very first box of Valentine candy that I received in 6th grade from my “boyfiend”! I kept the empty box for at least 40 years or more until I finally threw it away.

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