Childhood Memories Friday: Baby Instructions

Childhood Memories FridaySo today’s baby instructions childhood memories Friday post isn’t a memory of mine — it was written when I was just weeks old — but when I found it in a scrapbook my mom had made of my childhood things, I still thought it made for interesting reading. I give you, instructions for babies going home from the hospital, 1964:

baby instructions 1964First, I’m fascinated by the formula checklist. I’m assuming there wasn’t formula back then, like there was today? You had to mix up evaporated milk and water? Eek.

On the vitamins and OJ, I never remember reading or being told to give those to my own breast-fed kids …

And wow, have times ever changed re. introducing solids. With my own kids, the prevailing wisdom recommended waiting until they were six months old to do this. Apparently, introducing solids too early could lead to various other allergies and other problems (and yet, allergies seem to have exploded). But I must have been eating meat, cereal, fruits and vegetables from the time I was just weeks old! Yes, I am aware that they were pureed, but still. All that’s missing is dessert — wonder how long I had to wait before they checked pudding on my list? 🙂

Has your mom ever told you about baby instructions that she was given for you? Have things changed?

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  1. You surely understand that the foods introduced were in the form of glass jars of baby food – right? I would say that is Dr. Black’s own hand writing. Kinda cool. . .

  2. This is so interesting. I’m wondering how your mom got you to eat it? I had a hard time getting my boys to eat at six months. Our Dr. Said don’t worry they will eat it when they want it.

  3. Yes, you made a batch of formula that often included Karo syrup! Very few women breastfed then. My parents, since I was so small (3lb 3 oz) were told to grind up steak for me! Love this!

  4. Mom, yes, I know it’s baby food. Still … Nancy, I wondered that too as my experience with my girls was similar. I pulled out my baby book and see Mom’s note: “I began taking rice cereal 11-8 (I would have been 2 wks old). Didn’t raise too much fuss about it.” And “I took meat (beef) on 11-22 (when I was 1 month old) and liked it.” I suppose if you start from birth, the babies just got used it?? Hopewell, wow. Steak and Karo syrup …!

  5. I was a huge baby at birth…over 10 pounds. So the instructions the doctor gave my mom seemed to indicate breast milk would not be enough to sustain such a large baby. (this was 1970) So she was supposed to introduce cereal at something like 6 weeks old. I am not sure how you even do that! I was rotund until I hit about 4 or 5. I often wonder if the doc made me a chubbier toddler than nature intended! LOL.

    However, my son was equally gargantuan at birth (10 lbs. 12 oz.) and was a basketball during his toddler years. So clearly it was more genetics operating than the strange cereal-at-6-weeks order from my mother’s doc all those years ago.

  6. As to your introduction to desserts, Barnetts could NOT wait until your first Easter when they contended you could start gumming chocolate! I guess you’ve been attracted to it ever since Easter of 1965!

  7. I wonder too, if babies eat better if they’re introduced to baby food when very young. Having never had any of my own, I can’t speak with authority. In any case, this has been a very interesting post.

  8. I’ve heard stories of people cutting the tips off of nipples to put cereal in bottles practically from birth – yikes! (Supposed to “fill them up” so they’d sleep through the night!)

    As I recall, I introduced The Boy to rice cereal at 4 months, apples & bananas around the same time, maybe carrots too? I’d say by 10 months or so, he was eating just about everything. Orange juice was a definite no-no until 1 year – the pediatrician said on his first birthday, he could have chocolate cake and OJ. Um, yum.

  9. My kids were starving from birth. I took the advice of my parents, and fed them rice cereal. I made a paste with formula and cereal and put it in their mouths. They got the hang surprisingly quickly, slept better, threw up less, and had less gas.

    They both slept through the night at 7 weeks. I just decided that decades of parents just might have been doing something right!

    I answered this question because people were wondering; I just realized how old this post is. Ooops!

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