Childhood Memories Friday: Promotional Comic Books

Childhood Memories FridayComic books — did you read them as a child? I did occasionally, although I was never the huge fan that some people are. In going through things, I recently came across this one:

promotional comic books 1970sI remember we used to get these little promotional comic books when we went to buy shoes at the shoe store. See the Buster Brown logo at the bottom? I guess shoe companies provided these to stores to give out as incentives.

promotional comic book 1970s

Here’s the back, with the shoe store’s stamp. The book itself is about 15 pages, so on the small size, but a fun little treat for a kid.

Whitman Tiny Tales Hide and SeekHere’s another little book that was next to the comics. I don’t remember this one from my childhood, but from the looks of it, it’s gotten plenty of attention from someone. The dress the girl is wearing is quaint, and I have to love the 5-cent price. Where today could you get a book, even a small one, for 5 cents? (well, I know — at a garage sale. But a new one?)

Any childhood memories of promotional comic books or other little books? Did you get any of these at stores when you were a child?

4 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Promotional Comic Books

  1. I would think you would have a lot more little books than those two but maybe another sister has quite a few. I never got much in the way of comic books as a girl. Seems like when I had my tonsils removed in about second grade my treat may have been a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer comic book. If so, it is long gone. It was so long ago. . .

  2. I am sure I received a promotional comic or two, but I don’t remember them. However, I do remember our after school sitter had a pre-teen boy who had a bucketload of comic books in his closet, which we were allowed to borrow and read. I loved it! Some of my favorites:

    *Little Lulu
    *Richie Rich
    *Donald Duck
    *Uncle Scrooge
    *Archie Comics
    *Nancy & Sluggo
    *Bugs Bunny

    Good times!

  3. I would have said that we didn’t have a comic book in our house growing up. Perhaps my memory fails me. We did have plenty of books for children. I remember my dad reading one to me often that was my favorite, but can’t think of the name of the dog that got left behind when the family moved. I found the book in the last couple of decades, in a store and quickly bought it. I have such fond memories of it. I remember my dad telling me that I cried every time he read it to me, but when he finished, I would always say, “Read it again, Daddy. Read it again.”

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