Childhood Memories Friday: Childhood Bedroom

Childhood Memories FridayI don’t suppose we ever forget our childhood bedrooms. Close your eyes: can you imagine yours? Here is mine, at least it was mine from the time I moved to this house at age 2 until I was about 15:

1970s bedroomSo fun to see all the little touches — things that I’d forgotten, but that a photo can bring back to me. How about the curtains with the little ball fringe trim? A ’70s giveaway, for sure. The bed covering is my “puff quilt.” I learned to make the blocks at a Girls’ Club class — each is stuffed with used pantyhose. As was my fashion, I went a little overboard and instead of making enough for a pillow, I make an entire quilt. It’s still in a closet, dragged out when needed for a guest. It’s extremely heavy and warm!

I’m sitting at my desk, which my mom got from a friend, I think?? She may have refinished it as well. It had awesome little cubbies inside, and was my desk all through my childhood. It moved with me to apartments after college, and now my oldest daughter uses it. I love when a piece of furniture is loved in more than one life!antique child's deskBut back to my room: I spy my old alarm clock on the desk — it lasted for years, and one number would flip to the next in an odd way that I’m sure no clock does anymore. I also see a decoupaged picture of a girl playing an organ that’s sitting on the desk; I’d forgotten about that and it’s no longer around. Also a little shadow box hanging on the wall; I made it from a kit (and now it hangs on my daughter’s wall), and a few little plaques that my mom decoupaged. Remember decoupaging being such an “in thing” in the 1970s?

I’m sitting there, wearing a robe my aunt made me — I wore it for years, too. It looks like I’ve got on my trusty hot pink jumpsuit on beneath; then, as now, I’m often cold. Behind me is my childhood doll bed, filled with my stuffed animals and dolls. And on the wall, my bulletin board. Maybe I was destined to be a teacher, because I always enjoyed planning and changing my bulletin board displays. Looks like it’s featuring my 4-H fair ribbons in this photo.

What are some memories you have of your childhood bedroom?


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  1. For years, we three girls shared the same bedroom. Even before that, all five of us were together in our parents’ room. If memory serves me correctly, I didn’t have my own bedroom until your mother moved out when she got married. I would have been 15 at the time. I doubt if we have a single picture of our bedrooms. If we had taken any, I imagine they would have burned when the house burned.

  2. That roll top desk is very neat, and it still looks in very good condition!! How nice it is to pass things down from generation to generation. In my daughter’s case, I have passed down her complete white (trimmed in gold) bedroom set that she used to granddaughter, Christie. The set was quite complete with a bed with a trimmed headboard, a matching desk, a 3-drawer matching dresser with a large mirror and 2 0r 3 large drawers. That combination is over 40 years old and still looks fine, in my opinion.

    Yes, I do remember my childhood bedroom quite well, too. It had a bed complete with a quilt similar to yours, an old brown desk, a very small clothes closet that was made of pink plastic and zipped (Ugh!). There was also a chair off to itself to sit on to put on socks and shoes. It probably belonged with the desk. The entire room was very small and rather drab, but I only slept there and did my homework downstairs instead. The best part of it was its location at the top of the stairs, where the heat came up from the old coal furnace to keep it nice and toasty warm.

  3. Your room is neat. The bed is made! The desk came from the Mankiller family and was old when they gave it to us. They got it from another family so our family was the third desk owner. I refinished it the summer before you began kindergarten. It was the first project I EVER refinished and it came out SO WELL! We had the desk a year or so when Mark Mankiller knocked on our door. They’d found a matching chair to the desk in their attic. The decoupaged large picture was a gift from Gma and Gpa Schulte. Jill got a different one, the same size. Aunt Elaine gave me the white curtains and was NOT a happy camper when she learned I had cut them off. They were white fiberglass. I added the trim.

  4. I love that desk! How neat that it and some of your other things are used by your children now. I remember ball fringe, too – I put some on the edges of a poncho (remember those?) made in Girl Scouts.

    We moved too often for me to have many memories of a childhood room. I have only vague memories of my room in one house as a teen.

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