Royalty Watch: Fun Facts About Lady Louise Windsor

Who is this cute young lady? It’s Lady Louise Windsor, daughter of the Queen’s youngest son, Prince Edward, and his wife Sophie. Here are some things you may not know about this member of the British Royal Family.

  • Louise was born November 8, 2003. She was a month premature, and her mother Sophie was rushed to the hospital via ambulance. Prince Edward was not there for the birth, since it came unexpectedly. Both Sophie and her mother lost a lot of blood during the C-section and Lady Louise was kept in a neo-natal unit for 2 weeks for observation.
  • Louise was born with exotropia, a condition that causes her eyes to turn out. She had surgery for the condition in 2006, but it was apparently unsuccessful. Recently, she had an additional surgery to correct the problem. At public appearances in December, her eyes did look better.
  • Louise is known as “lady” because her parents decided at the time of their marriage not to give their children the “HRH” (his/her royal highness) title.
    Louise has a younger brother, James, born in 2007.


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  1. I hate to admit my ignorance, but I didn’t even know this family existed. The wife/mother is a beautiful woman. I feel sorry for the children. They have no chance of becoming king/queen, yet they are still royals and can not even hope to have normal lives.

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