Menu Plan Monday: Comfort Food

menuplanmondaySo, no big snowstorms this week — just drab, cold, dreary Midwestern winter weather. As I looked through recipes for Menu Plan Monday, that type of weather just called for good old-fashioned “comfort food.” That’s what we’ll be eating this week.

Monday: Lasagna Soup — great on a cold day. Even better with bread sticks. Hmmmm ….

Tuesday: Fajita Chicken Pasta– tore this recipe out of a magazine recently, made it once, and we enjoyed it.

Wednesday: Football Fiesta Casserole — one of the girls’ favorites. It has nothing to do with football, so don’t be put off by that.

Thursday: Indian Chick Pea and Vegetable Stew — another magazine find that I have made and enjoyed.

Friday: leftovers. I am going to a progressive dinner of Haitian cuisine at church with a friend. The rest of the family can scavenge the refrigerator …

Some night, pumpkin chocolate chip cake. Yum!

What are you cooking and eating this week? Did you make up a Menu Plan Monday? What’s your favorite “comfort food” for cold, damp days?

3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday: Comfort Food

  1. I treated myself to lunch at Cracker Barrel yesterday. I honestly feel more filled and satisfied with meals when I eat at home, which I do most all the time. On another topic, the summer I laid around due to a stress fracture in my right leg, I looked at lots of magazines. I was amazed at how often I read the term “comfort food”, that summer. I kinda like the term. . .

  2. That chick pea stew looks wonderful!

    But I’m afraid I have to be a little more sneaky than that with the cauliflower. I’m the only one who will voluntarily eat it. 🙄

  3. Today, I’m putting some chicken breasts in the slow cooker with some cream-of-something soup and then making chicken pot pie with the meat+sauce+mixed veggies+already-made piecrust!

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