99 Stories from the Bible: Review

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99 Stories from the BibleGot a child 2-5, or know someone who does? Grab a copy of 99 Stories from the Bible. It’s a hardcover Bible storybook perfect for that age.

I enjoyed the book’s sturdy feel, and fact that it lay open nicely rather than trying to shut as many do. It features 196 pages of 2-page stories — honestly, you could read one of them in under a minute — that can be fit in anytime, anywhere. Use this book as a bedtime Bible storybook, or keep it in the car to use when you have a spare minute to read a story to your child.

It’s full of fun, colorful illustrations that kids will enjoy. The stories themselves are very simple, hence the suggestion of using this book for toddler/preschool kids. The stories cover both Old and New Testament topics.

Just as a side note: the book has some very strange indenting issues. I notice this because, as an author myself, I know that it can be difficult getting margins and indents to ‘work.’ Either this book didn’t, or it was going for a unique look. But, since the intended audience can’t even yet read, I doubt they’ll mind.


2 thoughts on “99 Stories from the Bible: Review

  1. This sounds like a great birthday or Christmas present for the little person on your list. Keep this in mind, folks!

  2. Good idea to keep the book in the car to read to children in the few minutes you have there. As a side note, I believe I’ve told you that I have a very good friend who is an editor at Kregel. Can’t believe she would have let the formatting issue by her if she had seen it. But she’s not in the children’s books department.

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