Childhood Memories Friday: JACSY

Childhood Memories FridayJACSY is probably not a term you’re familiar with, unless you grew up in Jackson County, Indiana, as I did. There, it was well known — at least to school kids of my era.

JACSY is the term for Jackson County’s United Way, and each year they sponsored a contest for the school kids. We were to use a regular sheet of paper to design a poster promoting JACSY.

How well I remember evenings brainstorming JACSY slogans with my mom. One was “Mini, Midi, Maxi, Give your Share to JACSY.” One year I wanted to draw Snoopy on his doghouse and write “Happiness is JACSY.” I remember Mom was not a fan of that slogan.

The winning poster in each classroom received a pen. Usually I was unsuccessful in this venture, as my very artistic and talented best friend Miriam swept the awards. But one year, my joy was great when I received the coveted JACSY pen for my classroom:

JACSY penNot long ago, I came across the pen again, still in the envelope it had been given to me in. I decided it was time to break it out and use it!

So I tried — only to discover that it had dried up.

I think there’s a lesson there.

3 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: JACSY

  1. It was always a dismal day for me when that assignment came home to roost. But we never ran from a fight so we did our darn best! There is a lesson for us all in the wonderful pen that dried up unused. Let’s not be that wonderful person who dries up, unused. Live 2014 to the limits!

  2. Yes, I, too, have allowed good pens to dry up as I put them away for “another day.” We shouldn’t be afraid to use the things we’re given is, I guess, the lesson to be learned.

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