Girls in White Dresses: Blogging Year in Review

It’s arrived. The final day of 2013. It is so true, what they say about the years flying by faster and faster. Truthfully, I’m still not used to thinking that it’s 2013, and come tomorrow, 2014 will have arrived. I remember, when I was young, imagining the year 2000. It seemed so impossibly far away, and besides, I would be ancient: 36!

Let’s look over the 2013 blogging year; you can find all the details here if you’d like.

  • 71,000 visits were logged. You were at least one of those, and for that I thank you.
  • 243 new posts were added
  • The day the blog saw the most traffic was August 12, the day Prince Friso died.

The top five posts with the most views this year:

One of my favorite things to do is study the search terms that lead people to Girls in White Dresses. When I named the blog, I didn’t know much about how search engines work. I wanted a blog about my favorite things, so I chose a line from a song in my favorite movie. Little did I know that in so doing, I’d attract people searching for dresses of various types (I’m afraid they’re mostly disappointed there), as well as people looking for girls in … all kinds of attire and positions. Oy vey, they’ve come to the wrong place as well.

The top commenters:

  • Attic Girl — thanks, Mom, for your tireless encouragement of the blog and my writing in general 🙂
  • Elaine — spots 2 and 3 — different log-ins? Thanks to my aunt for her commitment to my writing as well!
  • Leona — thanks to my great friend. We go back to 1990, when we began teaching together. We’ve traveled together to London and many other domestic locations, most notably now, lunch each month.
  • Lisa — otherwise known as Hopewell. I had the really fun experience this year of actually meeting Lisa last summer after “knowing” her for several years online 🙂

I appreciate all you commenters greatly, since without comments, blogging is kind of like speaking to a wall.

Happy 2014, everyone! Thank you for supporting my blog with your comments, visits, and recommendations to friends. It’s been fun “visiting” with you each day.

4 thoughts on “Girls in White Dresses: Blogging Year in Review

  1. I enjoy end-of-the year blog reviews. Funny what brought people to your site! I trust they found something good though ti wasn’t what some of them were looking for. 😀 I’ve enjoyed reading your blog – I usually just saw it hit or miss, I think usually for the monthly Nightstand posts, but subscribed a couple of months ago.

  2. You have really accomplished much in the past year! Thanks for making me part of your Blog Review. May 2014 be just as fruitful!!

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