Childhood Memories Friday: Christmas 1966

Childhood Memories FridayJust a few days until Christmas, so let’s reminisce with a vintage photo, from my 3rd Christmas, Christmas 1966:

Christmas 1966I was just past two, and apparently I had not yet learned to look at the camera — either that, or this was a random candid shot, although I doubt that. Photos back then were taken far more rarely than they are these days. It was the height of the hippie era — free love, bell-bottoms, flower power — although in small-town Indiana, that pretty much missed us. Or if it didn’t, I was blissfully unaware. My only concession to the decade appears to be my corduroy pants with flowers.

It looks like I got my beloved doll Buttercup for Christmas. Buttercup is still around, although she looks a bit different these days. It looks like I’m also holding something red — not sure what that is.

I wish I could share more memories about this photo, or even about 1966, but I was two! I don’t remember! 🙂 I don’t even know, actually, whether this photo is taken at our house, or maybe my grandparents’. I’m sure some of my relative commenters can chime in with that information. One of my Facebook friends talked about taking her kids on a drive to look at the Christmas lights. I remember doing that, and enjoying it. One year, we had opened our stockings just prior to such a drive. I got a cup in my stocking with a penguin on it, and I remember taking the cup along on the drive.

What do you remember about childhood Christmases past?

6 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Christmas 1966

  1. I would say you were holding your red “tickle”. It bothers me that I honestly do not know if this was taken at Schultes or Barnetts? That’s bad on my part. If it was my folks, it was the home that burned January 1969. Note your high top white shoes that you were always fitted for at a Seymour shoe store.

  2. The more I think about it, the more I think that is at our farmhouse. I know there’s one with you in that outfit and my Grandma Kamman . She would never be at Barnetts. Is it the same rocker she’s sitting in?

  3. I’m pretty sure this is the farmhouse that burned a few years later. I recognize the chair and think I recognize the carpet.

  4. You look absolutely adorable in your flowered corduroy pants! I rather like the profile pose because it shows off your saucy hairdo, too. You are right about not very many Christmas being taken back then. There were even less in the 1940s when I was 2. In fact, I don’t have a single Christmas pic from my youth.
    By the time that I graduated from high school, Polaroids were in so I have some rather unclear, faded out photos left that my new step-father in May 1957. He and my mother had just gotten married in March of that year.

  5. I remember falling shortly before Christmas and breaking my collarbone one Christmas when I was a child. My dad took me to the doctor, and before we got there, he told me he’d get me whatever I wanted for Christmas if I didn’t cry. He told me I “cried just a little bit,” so he would get the gift I wanted for Christmas, which was a doll in a “no-nuit,” better know as a snowsuit. Years later, as a nurse, I had the privilege of caring for the nurse who took care of me when I had my fractured collarbone. She still remembered that I wanted a doll with a “no-nuit.” I got the doll, by the way, and she had a blue snowsuit.

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