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memeJust when I was at a loss for post ideas, I found this Christmas meme (blogger speak for a series of questions) from Barbara at Stray Thoughts  (a really sweet and encouraging lady whose blog you should read if you don’t already). Here goes:

What is your favorite Christmas song?
Wow, I really can’t say. As I posted about earlier this week, I love Christmas music; it’s one of my favorite aspects of the season. But my faves are definitely of the more traditional type — all the traditional carols, O Holy Night, March of the Kings, any of The Messiah, and on and on and on …

Favorite Christmas special/movie?
I love all the Christmas specials I grew up with: Charlie Brown. Rudolph. Frosty. Nestor. The Little Drummer Boy.

What kind of special goodies do you make in December?

I don’t have anything that I make without fail each year, but I do enjoy making three or four special desserts during the month. I often serve these at my Christmas piano recital/party. I love Easy Christmas Candy, Peanut Butter Cup Cookies, and Mint Brownies — just to name a few.

Favorite Christmas beverage?

I’m not real big into beverages — maybe a spiced apple cider. Years ago, someone had “wassail” and that was hot and yummy.

How many Christmas parties do you usually attend?

Ummm, well, none. Well, I take that back. I go to a retired teachers’ lunch each year if I can, and that’s held at a restaurant in December and afterwards we go to one of the teachers’ houses for delicious desserts. That’s fun 🙂

Do you go Christmas caroling? Does anyone come Christmas caroling to your house? 

No, and I was just thinking the other day about caroling. I was wondering if anyone ever did it anymore, because it seemed kind of like a lovely thing of the past. I was mentioning it to a few piano students, and none of them knew about it. I discussed it with the kids, and had to laugh as I had the thought, These days, if someone knocked on the door and begin singing, they might be in danger of being shot …

What’s on your front door at Christmas?

A big beautiful wreath that my sister got me a few years back. I love it!

front door Christmas wreath

When do you put the tree up and take it down?

I like to put it up the weekend after Thanksgiving. I usually take it down around New Year’s. I do keep all my snowman-themed decor up until around mid-February, though — it’s just too depressing to face January with no special cheer at all.

Do you decorate with traditional red and green or with other colors?

I decorate pretty much with all the decorations I received during my childhood, so I suppose most of it is red and green.

How many Christmas trees do you put up (large and small?)

I put up our main tree, and a smaller tree for the kids’ ornaments. That tree is not the most glamorous, but it’s the one I used in my classroom when I was a teacher, so it’s special to me (and even more realizing that most classrooms are no longer allowed to have Christmas trees anymore).

Are your Christmas tree decorations themed or hodgepodge?

Totally hodgepodge. Like my decor, they are the ornaments of my growing-up years, of my teaching years — I would never want a tree with all-new ornaments.

Christmas tree homemade ornaments

Ham, turkey, both, or something else for Christmas dinner?

I don’t really care, as long as there is a great dessert 🙂 Actually, I could skip the meat altogether and not really mind. Not much of a meat person.

Do you have any Christmas traditions that are unusual, out of the ordinary?

Nothing unusual. We have a children-of-the-world advent calendar, and a chocolate one too, that the girls enjoy. We like watching Christmas TV specials and playing Christmas songs on the piano.

Do you display Christmas cards in particular way?

No, I put them in a container where family can look through them.

What do you do with the Christmas cards you received after the holidays are over?

Yes, each day after Christmas and into January and February we pull out one and pray for that person/family at dinner. Then, I either throw out the card or keep it, depending on various things (like if it contains photos). I am trying to be more “minimalist” in my living and don’t want to keep yet more things that I’ll have to maintain and keep clean and in order.

Christmas newsletters: Love ‘em or hate ‘em?

I love getting them. I love reading the news, even if it’s written pretentiously (then it provides me with a bit of humor ;)). To me, the saddest thing to receive is a Christmas card with no photo and no note, and sometimes not with even a hand-written signature!

Now it’s your turn. Choose a few of the questions to answer in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Meme

  1. Thanks so much for your kind words at the beginning!

    What a neat idea to pray for each of the folks who sent you a Christmas card. I have become more minimalist as I have gotten older, too. I used to sentimentally want to keep everything, but then it becomes clutter, and there’s so much that I never go through it again like I would if I just kept the most ,meaningful.

    The last two years our church has gone caroling to the “at-home” members, mostly elderly or not well enough to attend services regularly. They break up into groups and each group goes to just one home (probably because they’re scattered far enough away to make it hard to visit two in an evening). I like that the whole church does this rather than just the teens or choir, and that they contact the at-home members ahead of time to let them know and make sure it is ok.

  2. I am THE one person in our choir who fairly insists we got caroling. This year we do not have a minister of music and my pleading fell on deaf ears. Though I did my BEST for Him, we did NOT go caroling. I don’t like it at all! I think it is selfish on the choirs’ part. Singing a few carols to shutins is a small price to pay, in my estimation. In a few years I may be sitting in a quiet room just HOPING I might be on the choirs’ list to come carol to. When a choir is too busy to go caroling, they have their priorities screwed up!

  3. Oh my, I had typed in a lengthy response to this question, and somehow, through my lack of technology savvy, lost it.

    My favorite colors with which to decorate at Christmas are pink/mauve/burgundy. I used that with gold. Now that I have a tiny tree, I don’t get out my Christmas decorations.

    The wreath on the front door of your home is beautiful! Enjoy it.

  4. What a joy to read so many aspects of Christmas in agreement with mine!
    I still use the original traditional red and green colors all over the house with many Christmas past collections. Snowmen are a real favorite for both my daughter and me, so both of our houses are full of those. Like you, we keep them up at least until Valentine’s Day since it is still winter even when we get back from FL in. Wish that I had the time to answer all of the Christmas questions, but it is the day before Christmas, so I have much yet to do to be ready for Christmas here tomorrow for my side of the family. MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!

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