Merry Christmas from Bronner’s

Bronner's Christmas storeSo, I thought I would wish you all a very Merry Christmas with a vicarious visit to Bronner’s, the world’s largest Christmas store. We have relatives that live nearby, and so I try to pop in whenever I can. I first visited here on a family vacation when I was about 12. I still remember how amazed I was at the big, bright displays, and all the moving parts.

large Hummel displayWhen I was a teen, I really loved Hummel figurines. Maybe the huge display here got me interested in the first place? When I first went to Germany in 1983, I wanted to get either a Hummel or a cuckoo clock. I got the clock — but I do have two Hummels. One is from my parents, and the other was given to me by my piano teacher’s husband when my teacher died. It had belonged to her.

Bronner's Christmas storeSo much to see — a visual feast! And of course, there’s Christmas music playing as well.

Bronner's Christmas store ornamentsThousands and thousands and thousands of ornaments, for any interest you might have. And there are employees sitting ready to personalize them, for no extra cost.

Downton Abbey ornamentsYes, any interest. These were pretty cool …

Bronner's musical instrument ornamentsAs a musician, I loved the huge variety of musical instrument ornaments. They even had oboes — I would have loved those when I was in high school!

Silent Night Chapel Bronner'sThere’s even a Silent Night Chapel, modeled on an original in Oberndorf, Austria. The original is built near the site of the church where Josef Mohr and Franz Gruber first played the song they wrote in 1816 — “Silent Night.”

Bronner's Christmas storeMerry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Bronner’s

  1. A memory I have from Bronner’s is this: You go away realizing the owners know WHY we celebrate Christmas. They know it goes beyond Santa Claus, Rudolph, and Frosty! This makes me love the store all the more and wish them a Merry Christmas! I hope I can return someday.
    It is almost like living a dream!

  2. That looks fabulous! I’d probably be a bit overwhelmed in the store, but visiting it this way was cool… I did think it was funny that their sign for Downton Abbey said “Downtown Abbey.”

  3. I’ve wanted to visit that store ever since moving to Michigan. I bet I’m no more than three hours from it. Maybe I’ll get in the car, some day, and drive over there.

  4. Did you watch the show on TV last night about the decorating of the White House for Christmas? It was interesting. The largest tree is so big that they put up to a dozen ornaments on the same branch, from the trunk to the end of the branch!

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