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menuplanmondayWelcome to the almost-Christmas edition of Menu Plan Monday! Yesterday was my Christmas piano party/recital. This is the main event I make goodies for, although I can’t say I was all that creative this year. I made peanut butter cup cookies — one of my favorites.  Also Easy Christmas Candy (just 3 ingredients) — these always disappear quickly. Other than that, a couple of packages of too-cheap-to-pass-up Pillsbury dough cookies, a bowl of chips and salsa, and these cute little raspberry Santas:

raspberry Santas

I just used raspberries, Cool Whip, and a few sprinkles. The youngest daughter and her friend made them together before the recital.  They’re not perfect, but they were kind of cute sitting on a holly leaf tray …

Oh, and while we’re on sweets, the middle daughter made these Marshmallow Brownies last week. Delish!

Here’s the week ahead:

Monday: BBQ Chicken Quesadillas — new recipe to me that I found on Pinterest. Looks good!

Tuesday: Lasagna, perhaps of this crockpot variety for easier prep. I have some cottage cheese (which I sub for the pricier ricotta in lasagna) that needs using.

Wednesday: General Tso’s Chicken — in cleaning out the pantry, I found a packet of this mix that probably needs to be used. It looks like chicken coated in flour, then served over rice in a sauce made from this mix.

Thursday: Cheesy Tater Tot Casserole — this has become a family favorite.

Friday: Beef and Bean Taco Casserole — found this on a recipe card as I was sorting through my “recipe stack” this week. I don’t think I’ve tried it yet, so we’ll see …

What is on your Menu Plan Monday? More Menu Plan Monday ideas at OrgJunkie‘s.


5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. I LOVE your Raspberry Santas!!! Too cute! And I’m going to go searching for the Chicken BBQ Quesedillas on your Pinterest page. Sounds good and I’m in need to a few fresh ideas!!
    This week, I’m reverting to a recipe that my Mom snagged from my Aunt back in the early 60s…Curried Chicken and Rice. Its now a multi-generational family favorite. We always run out of rice before all the chicken is gone! Tuesday: Pioneer Woman Chicken Spaghetti. I LOVE it, the kids are only so-so, but Tuesday I’m cooking for myself!! Wednesday: Baked Potato Bar and soup-of-the-day Thursday: Indian Vegetable Biryani and Friday is going to be letover clean up day! Whew!

  2. Your beef and bean taco casserole looks good, except for the refried beans. Why do people insist on including these pulverized beans in so many recipes? I’m perfectly capable of chewing my own beans! When I no longer have teeth in my mouth, perhaps I’ll appreciate them more. LOL!

  3. BTW, Aunt Dorothy had one of those plates like the one on which you put your Santas.

  4. Those raspberry Santas are adorable! You are so organized for planning your menus a week at a time as you always do. For me I am lucky to have a day or two planned, but right now I have 4 meals planned for today and the near future. Today I am making chili soup, which I love in this kind of weather!

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