Fun Facts about Prince Charles

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Did you know that Prince Charles celebrated his 65th birthday in November? I’ve always liked Charles, although I’ll admit I got a little “iffy” on him during some of the rough years he shared with Diana. Diana was the royal who enticed me into my love of the British royal family, although it kind of surprised me in my reading to realize that I actually had more in common with Charles than with Diana. We’re both introverted, quiet folk who’d just as soon have our noses in a book than be out doing meet-n-greets. So I really feel for Charles, born to a life he’d probably just as soon not lead, and yet he works hard at fulfilling his duty.

There’s a new site about Prince Charles listing fun facts about the prince and heir to the British throne. Some facts I learned:

  • Charles became a grandfather this year, at age 64, when son William and daughter-in-law Kate had baby George. The average age of first-time grandparenthood in the UK: just 49!
  • Charles was 19 when he first flew a plane.
  • When Charles was 23, he met his current wife, Camilla.
  • If Queen Elizabeth lives as long as her own mother did, Charles will be 79 when he assumes the throne. Poor prince! He’s been heir to the throne for 61 years now. That’s one heck of a job training period.

Do you know any facts about Prince Charles?


2 thoughts on “Fun Facts about Prince Charles

  1. That is a very nice picture of him. Maybe he has no desire to become king. Have you ever thought of that possibility?

  2. I just know that as a young girl I cut out articles about baby Charles from the Evansville Courier & Press and glued them in a certain scrapbook. I have always been captivated by the royals.

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