The Christmas Star: Review

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Christmas Star Ace CollinsJourney back with me to 1945. World War II has just ended, and joy is everywhere. Well, not totally everywhere. It seems to be missing for Jimmy Reed, the main character in The Christmas Star. Jimmy’s dad was killed in the war, and all this celebrating — even Christmas itself — seems like an insult to him. Despite his mom’s best efforts, Jimmy is a teen about to go bad — getting involved in a scheme to get some money in a less-than-honorable way.

Can Jimmy turn his life around before it’s too late — maybe even before Christmas? You’ll have to read the book to find out. I enjoyed some of the characters in this book, particularly kind-hearted Calvin Jenkins, who is a true example of how to act in a God-honoring way, and Jimmy’s love interest Audrey, who seems way too good for Jimmy throughout most of the book.

The ending struck me as a bit improbable, and large parts of the book are predictable, but if you’re looking for a light, feel-good Christmas tale (with an admittedly beautiful cover), check out The Christmas Star.


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  1. I would probably enjoy a historical fiction book set in that era. Thank you for your review!

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