Honey Bee’s Tea in Huntington, Indiana: Review

A few weeks ago, a long-time friend and I headed over to Huntington, Indiana (home of Dan Quayle; did you know?). Our goal: lunch at the newly-opened Honey Bee’s Tea.

Honey Bee's Tea HuntingtonI  had been there before. Well, not to Honey Bee’s Tea, but I had been to the building that houses it. It is a beautiful Victorian building known as the Purviance House. Years ago, when I was teaching, we had our teachers’ Christmas dinner party there once. And my friend and I had lunched there another time, when it was under different management. I was sad when the tea room closed, because it was such a lovely place to eat. But, I was so happy to learn that it had reopened, just a few months ago.

Owner Missi Carmichael greeted us as soon as we entered, and escorted us to our choice of tables in a cozy room with a warm fire and beautiful Christmas trees.

Honey Bee's Tea HuntingtonThere were several tempting choices on the menu, but my friend and I decided on the chicken salad. It was delicious, and the chef (Missi’s mom!) even generously included a tasty lime jello salad she had made, even though we hadn’t ordered it. Peppermint ice cream and scones made for a delicious finish to our lunch.

Honey Bee's Tea HuntingtonIt was such a cozy way to spend an afternoon, trading tales with a friend, enjoying good food, and beautiful views in a decorated Victorian home. Christmas music playing in the background didn’t hurt, either. But the fun wasn’t done. After we finished eating, I headed up the staircase.

Honey Bee's Tea Huntington

At the top, I found the Princess Tea Room all set up for a little girl’s tea party — and yes, Honey Bee’s offers these parties. Several years ago, I planned to have a party here for one of the girls — just before the place closed 🙁 I think it would make a totally sweet locale for a dress-up party, tea party, etc.

Back downstairs, I headed over to the opposite front room, which was filled with hand-made crafts for purchase. Cute hats, Christmas ornaments, and much more. If you’re anywhere near Huntington, Indiana, I encourage you to pay a visit. You’ll be charmed!

Honey Bee’s Tea

Purviance House, 326 S. Jefferson St., Huntington IN

Lunches on Thursday and Friday, 11-2

3 thoughts on “Honey Bee’s Tea in Huntington, Indiana: Review

  1. This sounds more like a dream than real life. I am glad you experienced it!

  2. You did a fantastic review of the old Purviance house on South Jefferson Street in Huntington! I heartily agree that Honey Bee’s Tea, once know as Elizabeth’s Tea Room, is a great place to relax and clear up your head for the rest of the Christmas Rush/or just about anytime, for that matter. That circular stairway is ever so elegant! Makes me want to go there again soon.

  3. It would have been a wonderful afternoon, I’m sure. I’ll have to keep this place in mind if I ever plan to travel through Huntington.

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