Childhood Memories Friday: Thanksgiving Memories

Childhood Memories FridayHow about a few Thanksgiving memories? Nothing sparks those like a vintage photo:

Thanksgiving memories 1974

Here we see my childhood home at Thanksgiving, 1974, when I was ten years old. That’s my grandpa at the head of the table, Grandma to the right. Next to her is my aunt, and then me (who seems to be looking at my dad with great amusement — which he doesn’t seem to share. He looks much more interested in the food). Across from me is my sister, who must be “in on” my joke, then a cousin and his parents. Mom must be taking the picture.

I notice the spiffy turkey centerpiece, which looks like it’s fashioned from a pineapple. Also that 1970s staple, a calendar towel, hanging on the wall, beneath artwork of mine or my sister’s. Next to that are two plates, which my sister and I designed as a keepsake project in kindergarten.

Photo details really help place a scene, don’t they? Like the paneled wall that you don’t see often anymore, and the 70s print of the drapes. I don’t have any memories of this particular Thanksgiving, but this photo does evoke an era.

How about you? Any childhood Thanksgiving memories to share?

4 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Thanksgiving Memories

  1. Looks like the Lees only had Jonathan at this time. He just celebrated his 40th birthday November 13. I also note that we added the card table on this end of our kitchen table for an extension. Roger is dipping in the mashed potatoes which are being served from my white mixer bowl. I use it to this day. Also the green serving bowl which I think I got at the Bee Hive I still use. Memories are made of pictures like this. Happy Thanksgiving! We have a lot to be thankful for.

  2. My dad and my brother looked so much alike (they even had the same style haircut) that if I can’t recognize the furniture in the photo, I can’t tell who it is.

  3. I’m amazed at how healthy Grandpa looks in that picture. There is no evidence of his later fight with Parkinson’s Disease.

  4. Pictures like this look very familiar to me. I think of the many things in colors of gold, olive green, and orange. Recalling many handmade decor items crocheted or knitted or even macrame. Coloring many turkeys that I had drawn by tracing my hand. Memories of eating in our dinning room for the holiday instead of the kitchen and the table being extended so much that it was almost in the living room. Watching my mom orchestrating the kitchen and the many side dishes with the main dishes all without the help of a microwave oven. And who can forget doing the dishes afterwards because no one ever thought of using paper plates, we had used our best china for this meal. Even this final chore was part of the party. So much to be thankful for.

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