Childhood Memories Friday: First Thanksgiving

Childhood Memories FridayNo, no — not the first Thanksgiving, but my first Thanksgiving.

I have absolutely no memory of it, as I was just 5 weeks old, but here it is:

Thanksgiving 1964I’m guessing this is taken at my grandparents’ house, although I really don’t even know that. That’s my mom standing in the back, with her parents seated and my grandpa holding me. It’s the second photo of me that exists in the album, and imagine a first-born child in 2013 having its first 5 weeks featured in just two photos. It was a different time, for sure. Looking at this photo — the clothing, the home decor — it’s hard to believe it was even a part of my life. It all seems so vintage! I’m sure the black/white photography is part of the issue as well. It’s tempting to look at black/white photography and think everything from the olden days really happened in shades of gray.

Yes, it definitely was another time, with the one-year anniversary of JFK’s death just noted. I’m enjoying lots of JFK-themed TV shows lately, since the 50-year anniversary of that event is coming up this month. Hard to believe …

So, I guess it’s not really reasonable to ask what you remember of your first Thanksgiving. So I’ll ask: were you alive when JFK was killed? What do you remember about that time?

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  1. This was taken at 520 S. Walnut Street. Don’t you recognize the piano? Mother was a little older than you here – 53. As to November 22, 1963: I was working away at Indiana Telephone Corporation when a coworker’s mother called with the news of President Kennedy. It was our fourth anniversary and we went to The Pines that night. Everyone was somber.

  2. I wish I could post publicly what you did to me that morning, but I don’t think you would appreciate it. I was wearing a black, wool skirt that morning and suffice it to say that you decorated it gloriously while I was dressing you after your bath. I was a senior in nursing school at that point, and was doing my psyche affiliation at Madison State Hospital in Madison, Indiana. Don’t remember if I had driven over that morning, or had driven over the night before.

    As to JFK’s assassination, I was walking in the hall at Deaconess Hospital in Evansville when I was made aware that he had been shot. One of our nursing instructors was hospitalized on the unit on which I was working/training. She invited all the student nurses on that unit to come into her room and watch the TV she had on there. If I remember correctly, they had not yet announced his death at that time. It was a day that changed the history of the US.

  3. Of course I do not have any recollection of my first Thanksgiving in Nov. 1939, but I am very sure that it was spent having a traditional dinner at Grandpa and Grandma McLaughlin’s home in Whitley County, IN. The entire family with my parents, aunts and uncles, and cousins were sure to have been there, tool

    When JFK was assassinated I was busy teaching 3rd grade at Riley School in Huntington. I believe that our President was already gone by the time that I heard about it, due to the fact that the school day was always in lock-down mode until about 3:30pm each day. There were no TVs to watch in that very old elementary school. After school I headed immediately to Ft. Wayne to IU for an evening class working toward my Master’s degree. It was such shattering news to listen to during the 25 minute trip, and I really didn’t want to go at all, but it was not a good idea to miss class either! When class was due to begin at 4:30, we students talked the professor into cancelling class so that we could all return home to our own TVs, since no one could concentrate on much else during those early hours/days following the tragedy. The prof reluctantly agreed to dismiss us, which was a very good decision on his part because no one could stand to stay there much longer anyway. What a sad, sad time for the USA! I was only 24 years of age at the time, and I remember it as if it were yesterday.

  4. I was six years old when JFK was killed. I have vague memories of it but remember a little more about when Bobby was killed a few years later – I can remember talking about it with other kids on the playground.

    I’ve been going through some of my children’s pictures – they are all in their 20s, and I have wished I had more photo of their younger years and even my own dating days. On the other hand, maybe the scarcity makes them more precious, I don’t know. I wonder how the folks who take multitudes of photos so often are able to keep up with it all, even digitally. I do like the digital age – being able to see right away how your picture came out, not having film and developing fees, etc. But I do still like old-fashioned photo albums, too.

  5. I was alive (8 months old) when JFK was killed. My first Thanksgiving–no clue. Most likely either at our house (likely) since I was a fragile baby (preemie twin) or at my Grandmother’s in Flossmore, IL–not far from where we lived.

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