Things You May Not Know About Prince Charles

Prince Charles, Camilla

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Prince Charles Facts

Happy 65th birthday to Britain’s heir to the throne!

Here are some Prince Charles facts, in honor of his birthday.

Charles was born on November 14, 1948, at Buckingham Palace (his son, Prince William, would be the first British heir-to-the-throne to be born in a hospital).

Charles’ mother became Queen on February 6, 1952, when Charles was only three years old. He became heir apparent at that time.

At age eight, Charles was sent away to boarding school at Cheam School. Introverted and shy, boarding school was never a good fit for Charles.

Charles was given the title Prince of Wales in July, 1958. He was invested as the 21st Prince of Wales in July 1969, at Caernarvon Castle, Wales.

Academically, Charles passed two A levels, earning a B in history and a C in French. He went to Cambridge University to read archaeology and anthropology at Trinity College, later switching to history. He graduated from Cambridge with a BA Honors in June 1970.

Charles was the world’s most eligible bachelor during his younger years. He vowed he would only marry for love and said, “You have got to choose somebody very carefully, I think, who could fulfill this particular role, and it has got to be someone pretty special.”

On July 29, 1981, the 32-year-old prince married 20-year-old Lady Diana Spencer.

Charles and Diana went on to have two sons, William and Harry. Problems in their marriage were reported as early as 1985, and they divorced in 1996. Diana died in a Paris car crash in 1997.

In 1999, Charles began making public appearances with Camilla Parker Bowles, whom he had dated years before meeting Diana. The two were rumored to have continued their affair into Charles and Diana’s marriage. In 2005, Charles and Camilla married.

Charles is a countryman at heart, enjoying riding. He was a keen polo player for much of his life, before giving up the sport in November 2005. He also enjoys skiing, watercolor painting, gardening, and attending opera and symphony events.

Charles has beenĀ  described as sensitive, spiritual, and melancholy, with a strong social conscience.

I’ve always felt a bit torn about Charles. I feel an affinity with him, with his introverted personality and his love of good music and traditional architecture. I also feel sympathy for him, knowing he has been “in training” for his job — being King — his entire life. Given his mother’s good genes, he may wait many more years. His mother may even outlive him.

Being a big Princess Diana fan, I was dismayed at the way she suffered in her marriage to Charles. I don’t feel Charles and Diana were suited to each other, and they should not have married each other — but they did.

While I detest Charles and Camilla’s affair during Charles’ marriage, I’m happy they can be together now, as they truly seem to be a good fit.

Happy birthday, Prince Charles!

Do you know any fun Prince Charles facts?


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5 thoughts on “Things You May Not Know About Prince Charles

  1. Happy Birthday to Prince Charles! I am with you on being conflicted about him. Being shy and introverted myself, I can’t imagine going to boarding school at such a tender age. His marriage to Diana seemed such a fairy tale happening and it was so sad that he reportedly cheated on her and they weren’t happy. It’s also a little sad that he may never have the job he has been training and waiting for his whole life. But he seems to have found plenty to do to keep him busy, and I wish him all the best.

  2. I won’t hijack the thread with facts! lol…. He enjoys painting, is a passionate gardener like his late grandfather George VI and wrote a memorable children’s book. Nice post. I think folks need to keep in mind the rather large tally of men his late ex entertained during their marriage. Neither was innocent. They should never have married.

  3. I’d hate to think at 65 I’m still hanging around waiting for Queen Mama to die so I can climb on the throne.

  4. Enjoyable post! Somehow I don’t really believe that Prince Charles minds all that much about being 65 and still not making it to the throne. His life with Camilla seems fine, and with an adorable new little grandson to enjoy, I think that he is pretty happy not to be totally in the limelight all of the time.

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