Tuesday Musings

Ah, Tuesday.

Morning has arrived, but there is no blog post draft to hit “publish” on.


So, although this is a little pretty lame, here are some things on my mind:

  • It’s November, which automatically leads us to thinking about things we’re thankful for. Lately, I have been thankful beyond all reasonable expectation for people who work. Seriously. Like yesterday, I was doing errands in the grocery store and began a brief conversation with the guy putting out cups of yogurt. He said something, I said something, then he said, “I’ve been doing this for years.” I told him I hoped he didn’t get too cold working around frozen stuff all day. He just grinned and said, “Been doing it for years!” Such a big smile on his face, so much satisfaction — from putting out cartons of yogurt. Then I had a mystery shop lunch at a Mexican place. The lady preparing my entree obviously had a shaky-at-best grasp of English, and I had to stop her a time or two before she put the wrong thing on my salad, but hey — she was working! I just felt happy that she, who could probably come up with a way to get unemployment or disability, was actually showing up to earn a living. I feel a sneaking suspicion that my gratitude is just the resulting of feeling that way too many Americans are dropping out of the workforce, but regardless: I am really grateful for people who put forth an effort to take care of themselves.
  • It’s November, which also means that summer is really truly over, as is the decent part of fall. The older I get, the more I understand why seasoned citizens enjoy heading south in the winter. Heck, I would do it if I could. I just don’t enjoy winter anymore. It’s not even so much the snow as the general gloom and darkness that take up so much of the day. A few years back, I read a book about a horrible crime committed not far from here. The author began by describing how the gray, cloudy skies just linger in mid-winter here for week after week after week. It’s enough to drive someone to — be seasonally depressed, at least.

What’s on your mind these days? Chime in in the comments.


7 thoughts on “Tuesday Musings

  1. For someone with nothing to write about, you did quite well today. I too appreciate people who are gainfully employed. I at age 72 work 5 days a week. I am sure many people wonder why I do. From time to time I get a phone call, “Are you still giving piano lessons?” I find great satisfaction in having something to get up for. I am sure many people relish retirement but I have talked to tons of retired people who say, “I retired too soon!” I work with a network of friends. With all the disagreeable people in the world, there still are so many very nice people around!

  2. I enjoy people who work hard and enjoy what they do, no matter what the job.

    I don’t enjoy winter, either, and I don’t even live in a place where we get much snow. The greyness and lack of color are the hardest for me. It usually hits me the worst in January, but this year the fall color was not as vibrant as usual and the leaves seemed to fall off early. It helps to me remember that God has a reason even for winter, to have some home projects to look forward to, and to bring in some color by buying fresh flowers every now and then. Not to be self-promotional, but I did a post a couple of years back about “Help for the Winter Blues” that might be helpful: http://barbarah.wordpress.com/2011/01/11/help-for-the-winter-blues/

  3. There is nothing lame about this post. In fact I believe many of your readers will appreciate it and agree that it is a blessing to witness someone doing there job and doing it well. And I really like the photo you chose.

    Of coarse I too would choose a sunny day over a cloudy one and a warm day over a cold one. It’s in our DNA. In the beginning God created a perfect world. He created man in his image and set him in paradise. Man chose differently though. We all choose differently than the Creator. The result is a fallen harsh world. Thankfully God continues his perfect work. He shows us that even though the world is not as he once created he has not abandoned us. If we choose to acknowledge God and appreciate what he has done for us (we have to work at this, but we can appreciate a good worker) he will help us see the day through his eyes along with others through his eyes. When we can do that we will have immeasurable warmth, beauty and joy.

    At 21.3 degrees it was our coldest morning yet this fall but it’s also very beautiful from my (warm home) windows. Blessings to everyone who blesses The Lord.

  4. We had our first snow last night and woke to a winter wonderland..ugh!I’ve liived in the midwest all my life and do not look forward to winter.One thing to remember God gifts us with spring immediately following…think spring!

  5. A good post. As one being forced into retirement, I could post all kinds of negative things, but I will choose joy. I pray the Lord will give me some kind of employment after retirement, be it ever so small.

  6. Your entry was excellent, and it fit my mood perfectly today. You are a very talented writer, and I couldn’t agree with your thoughts more! I have no respect for lazy liberals (and some conservatives) who choose to live on the government doles when they have no medical or physical reason not to work.
    When I hear that half of the nation is now on food stamps, it makes my blood boil. How can those people have any self-respect at all???

    I feel blessed to be retired now and in decent health. I learned much and met many very interesting people both young and old during my 46 years of teaching school and piano. God called me into the right field for me for which I am thankful! It is rewarding to me that both my daughter and granddaughter followed in my footsteps as teachers also. In January and early February, I will enjoy the warmth and sunshine of FL. When we get back home, Spring will soon get here so we can enjoy the same cycle all over again. I love the 4 seasons and would be bored to have only one or two seasons in other parts of the world. HAPPY THANKSGIVING and God bless you and your family!

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