Menu Plan Monday

menuplanmondayWelcome to another menu plan Monday. How was your week? Good, I hope. Can you believe it’s less than three weeks till Thanksgiving? Wow.

I wanted to offer a huge THANK YOU to all veterans on this Veteran’s Day.

This is a fairly quiet week here, which is quite welcome. Here’s the plan:
Monday: Pan Fried Matcha Chicken — I’m reviewing green tea powder soon, and this recipe was in the pdf file that came with it. There are several recipes there which you may want to try. I’m anxious to cook and bake with green tea powder. It has so many health benefits, and weight-loss potential too. Oh yeah!
Tuesday: Lasagna Soup — great on a cold day
Wednesday: Digiorno Pizza – these have been in the freezer a while, and the other day one of the girls begged me to fix them 🙂
Thursday: Cheese-filled breadsticks — another family favorite. Really good.
Friday: Chicken Pot Pie – some for us, some for a family in band experiencing a hard time. I love pot pie!
What are you cooking and eating this week? More ideas at OrgJunkie‘s.


3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Yesterday I grilled a package of Eckrich Brats and used two cans of salmon to make 8 large salmon patties. These will be eaten later this week and beyond. I used 2 garden peppers in the salmon patties plus my rosemary and many more ingredients. I fried the patties in my iron skillet – a wedding gift from November 1959. Thanks to advice from Mary Ellen, it no longer sticks as long as I use it exclusively for frying! It worked perfectly on the patties!

  2. Wait, did you say weight loss potential??? 😯 Sign me up! 😉

    That chicken recipe does look good – heck, your whole week looks good!

  3. I can personally testify to the tastiness of the lasagna soup. Thanks, again, Susan.

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