Under the Rainbow: Review

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Under the RainbowUnder the Rainbow by Catherine Campbell, review:

Imagine discovering that your brand new baby isn’t just perfect, as you thought. Imagine learning that not only is she not quite perfect, but she has a serious defect called microcephaly, a condition that causes her to be severely handicapped. She’ll never walk or talk, and will likely not live long.

Then imagine then having another daughter, and learning that she has the same condition.

That’s the situation Catherine Campbell faced. She details it in Under the Rainbow. Sounds pretty bleak, doesn’t it? Yet I really recommend this book for its hopeful outlook.

Catherine Campbell is that person we’d all like to be, not just because she has a wonderfully supportive husband and a loving, sweet son, but because she has such a mature Christian take on the really difficult trials she faces. Some of the insights she shares in this book:

  • Determining fairness requires the ability to see both sides of the situation, and with eternal things that won’t be possible for us until we reach Heaven. What is required for now is to trust.
  • I … realized that I was experiencing only the earthly part of a much bigger story, and that  helped me to respond positively for the first time …
  • In this world of constant change, God does not change. In this world of suffering, only God can bring peace. In this world where people cause us disappointment, God is our fulfillment. In this world where promises are easily broken, only God will always keep His. In a world where those we love may leave us, only God can and will stay with us forever.

The Campbells deal with the death of both their daughters. At the funeral of the first, Cheryl, Catherine tells of a beautiful brief vision she had of Cheryl running up a path to Jesus, who scooped the little girl up and spun her around, saying clearly, “Well done, pet. You’ve been such a good girl!”

You’ll undoubtedly shed some tears, but you’ll be beautifully reminded of what’s important in life (and afterwards) through this book. Recommended.

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5 thoughts on “Under the Rainbow: Review

  1. Reminds me of a family Ellen has told me about. . . There’s a world of sadness out there, but plenty of joy as well. I’ll look for the joy!

  2. Thank you Susan for taking the time to read and review my book ‘Under the Rainbow’. Thank you especially for seeing it in such an encouraging and positive light and for “its hopeful outlook”. My prayer is that it will impact the lives of every reader because which of us will not experience heart ache at some time in our life?

  3. This is a book I definitely want to read. How encouraging! All of us have some form of pain and sorrow. If we could only remember that we’re only seeing the earthly side, it would be so helpful. Thanks for reviewing this book.

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