Box World Adventures: Review

Thanks to Chronicle Books for a review copy.

Box World Adventures

 Box World AdventuresAwww, check out my Prince William and Duchess Catherine dolls, reveling over baby George, in the shadow of … Big Ben!

It’s Big Ben I want to talk about today. I made it (him?), courtesy of a wonderful new book: Box World Adventures from Chronicle Books.

Box World AdventuresA look at the cover probably clues you in as to why I’d love this book: check out all the fun British items on the front! This is really a craft kit in book form. You can create the Great Wall of China, a double decker bus, a Swiss chalet, and more — all from boxes!

Just a Box bookHonestly, it reminds me a lot of this book, which you may remember from its reference in my memoir. In short, I got it in exchange for singing a solo in a church program.

Anyway, back to Box World Adventures. It includes a small booklet giving an overview of how to create the various box projects. I say “overview,” because there are some challenges involved in this, and I certainly don’t think a young child could create most of these on his/her own. To begin with, many of the boxes required are in difficult to find sizes. Some of the directions are pretty vague as well, but after a while I just “went with it” and made the creation my own — that’s probably the intent of the book, anyway.

Box World Adventures stickersThe booklet accompanies a larger folder-type book full of patterned papers and stickers, all made specifically for the projects included.

I just loved this book/craft, and think it would be wonderful to accompany homeschool social studies lessons, or a great Christmas gift for any older child or teen who enjoys crafting and learning about other places in our beautiful world.

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  1. I’ll bet if I owned that book I would make some amazing creations! I know myself well!!

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