Fun Facts About Prince George’s Christening

Awwww — who can resist a cute family that includes an adorable baby? You likely know that Prince George, son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, was christened last Wednesday. Here are a few fun facts about Prince George’s christening that you may not know.

      • Although William and Kate limited the guest list for the ceremony to around 50 (much fewer than most royal christenings), they did invite the four midwives that helped during George’s birth.
      • The ceremony happened in the Royal Chapel at St James Palace. It’s thought that William chose this venue rather than the more traditional Buckingham Palace because St James Palace is where the body of his mother, Princess Diana, lay in state after her death. Sweet, or creepy? Also, the heart and bowels of Queen Mary I (“Bloody Mary”) are buried in the chapel. Let’s hope no one started digging.
      • After the ceremony, guests celebrated by eating the top tier of William and Kate’s April 2011 wedding cake. Three tiers are set aside, rather than the traditional single tier — does this give us a clue to the couple’s planned number of children?
      • Baby George is only the second royal baby to wear the christening dress he was wearing. However, it’s an exact replica of a very old gown, originally worn by the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria at her christening in 1841 and used 30 times since. No wonder it needed replacing!
      • George was baptized with water from Israel’s Jordan River.
      • William and Kate chose wonderful, appropriate music for the ceremony. My personal favorite? The recessional, Widor’s Toccata from Symphony 5 for organ.
Queen Victoria and heirs

public domain photo

The photo above was taken at the christening of the future Edward VIII in July 1894,and shows the royal baby with his father, later George V; grandfather, the future Edward VII; and great grandmother, Queen Victoria.

A similar photo was taken after the christening, showing Queen Elizabeth and her 3 heirs. It’s the first time since the photo above that a British monarch has had 3 living heirs.

What can you add about the christening? What did you find most interesting?

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  1. I have Royal Watched most all my life. I feel the Kingdom will be in good hands when William and Kate take the reins, whenever that will be. The Royals seem to have good genes as far as long life goes! That’s a good thing!

  2. This is an interesting post to which I can add nothing. The only things I know about the christening are those I’ve learned from you.

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