Childhood Memories Friday: Birthday Photo

Childhood Memories FridayWhen I was a child, my mom took a birthday photo of me each year, surrounded by my gifts. Since my birthday is nearing again, I thought it would be fun to show you my 6th birthday photo, in 1970:

birthday photo 1970It seems appropriate that I’m sitting at the piano, although at that time I didn’t know how to play a thing. I remember many of these things, although I’d forgotten about several of them: the Raggedy Ann umbrella, The Eye Book (still have it!), the Banana Splits stuffed characters (remember that TV show?), the sewing cards, and a few more of the books I see. Good memories, and I like the way most of the gifts were simple, non-technological things — although I suppose there weren’t a whole lot of high-tech gift options in 1970.

I also have to love how I really dressed up for the photo — even wearing an Easter bonnet, in October! And I think I spy my Santa Mouse pin on my jumper. Apparently I wanted to combine a bunch of holidays on my birthday :).

See the “tree” at the top right? That’s a “penny tree” that my sister won in a competition — maybe my mom guessed the right amount of $ on the tree to win it?

I have taken a birthday photo of my girls with their gifts several times. Have you, or is this just something unique to my family?

7 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Birthday Photo

  1. Lying on the piano bench I also see the plaid jumper which I am sure Aunt Mary Ellen made you, along with the matching solid red blouse.
    I challenge you to next week post a picture of you surrounded by your birthday gifts in 2013! Of course, you will follow tradition and have it taken as you sit on your piano bench, etc. Don’t forget a hat!

  2. I love this picture! And please do take a picture surrounded by your gifts next week. That would be fun. I’ve never heard of other families doing this, but I think it’s a good idea. We didn’t do it, I know. It was probably too expensive to develop the roll of film or to buy the roll of film. We were poor as church mice when we were growing up, especially until Mother started teaching in 1953 or ’54.

  3. Your birthday picture is adorable! I especially like the little pocketbook that you are holding and the umbrella!! Your Mom was very smart to always do the birthday picture thing.

  4. My mother always did this, so I did it with my children too. We always made a big deal of b’days, with fun, although simple, games and activities. So many of your posts make me want to write memoirs of my own!

  5. That would have been such a good idea to take a photo with the presents every year, so we could remember what they got when – and what was whose! There were many things they played with together and we sometimes forgot which one originally got it. That made it hard when the older two moved out – they had to come to an agreement on who got what. 🙂

  6. — Not that the older two still played with toys when they moved out. 🙂 But they had some video games and such that they both played, plus a few things they wanted to keep for sentimentality. .

  7. Not only did I take the birthday pictures, each year I embroidered a quilt block with the year they now were, surrounded with 4 to 6 items that were special to them that year. I also filled in every blank in a baby book for each of the three daughters. If any daughter today wonders who a toy belongs to, it is as easy as looking in their baby book because I listed every last item, telling who gave it to them.

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